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The SalesAgility team have been great to work with. They are always quick to respond to our requests in customizing the SuiteCRM product to our specific needs.

Grow your pipeline and increase revenue.

Staying in full control of your own CRM and data with Open Source SuiteCRM. Create a tailored sales process to increase efficiency by modelling your sales process and automating tasks. Real Time dashboard reporting gives you visibility of key insights and the sales pipeline. The advanced reporting module allows you to create your own custom reports, which can be loaded in to your own dashboards.

Create Exceptional Customer Experience.

Know your customer with our 360 degree view delivering key insights that can be used to build strong relationships and create a truly personalised experience for your customers. Successfully scale SuiteCRM throughout your business, joining all the dots and building loyalty at every touchpoint.

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Humanetics Innovative Solutions uses SuiteCRM to increase visibility, consistency and collaboration.

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The Accounts module in SuiteCRM will store all information specific to a company that your organisation has a relationship with. Single or multiple contacts can be associated to an account and can help to keep track of important company insights.

Within the SuiteCRM Calls module, users can schedule and log a record of inbound and outbound calls which can be associated with an account.

SuiteCRM makes it easy to track, evaluate and manage campaigns. It helps in marking the various stages, importing targeted contacts, associating all the tasks, events, and calls related to the campaign. It also gives a detailed view of all marketing campaigns an individual customer has been a part of, such as email marketing campaigns.

The Contacts module within SuiteCRM will store details of all people that your business has had communications with. Contacts are usually associated with an Account and Opportunity and some contacts may belong to different departments within a company as well as subsidiaries of parent organisations. SuiteCRM contacts are typically converted from qualified leads or added once a relationship with the contact has been established.

The Documents module can be used as a repository for Customer issued or internal files. This content can be uploaded, revised and viewed in addition to relating to individual records within SuiteCRM.

The Emails module in SuiteCRM allows users to view, store, compose, send and receive emails from their own email account or shared inbox, for example a Support or Sales inbox. Emails can be imported and associated with a related SuiteCRM record, for example a Contact or an Account.

The Invoice module within SuiteCRM can be used to create, track and issue bills issued by your company to your customers. These Invoices can be converted easily from an existing Quote in the CRM.

A Lead is an unqualified sales prospect whose information is held within SuiteCRM. Leads can be considered the digital business cars of the prospects you are wanting to engage with. Leads can come from a variety of sources and channels including meet-ups, conferences, press releases and marketing campaigns, contact forms. When a lead is entered into the CRM, it can be automatically assigned to specific users to ensure the are qualified as part of your organisation’s sales funnel.

An Opportunity is a qualified Sales Opportunity that your business wants to progress to a ‘Closed Won’ status. The Opportunity module allows you to track your Opportunities throughout your businesses Sales Pipeline and keep an eye on any changes to the value associated with that opportunity, any contactsas part of a buying committee along with any interactions with the organisation.

This module within SuiteCRM allows you to create document templates. These templates can be used for Quotes, Invoices and Contracts.

The products module within SuiteCRM contains a catalogue of the products or services provided by your business, which users can select from when preparing Quotes.

The Quotes module in SuiteCRM allows your organisation to create, track and issue quotations to customers and outlines the requested product, the specified time it will take to deliver it and the agreed price. A Quote can easily be converted into an Invoice within the system. PDF versions of the quote can also be created based on the quote details and sent to the customer.

SuiteCRM can assist Users with productivity, offering a way to record, relate and assign Tasks and to-do items that require action.

The Workflow module in SuiteCRM allows the automation of actions based on certain conditions set within the CRM data. This allows you as a business, to eliminate the need for laborious, manual tasks to be performed by your team, freeing up their time for what matters most.

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