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Process Flow

Process Flow is a team of system experts here to work with you to provide your business with the right tools and support for continued success. We are innovators who embrace and drive change with every business solution we present, and our targeted experience and knowledge is what sets us apart. Our goal is to create user-friendly and customized applications to help you digitize, streamline and simplify your business processes, and improve your everyday productivity.

Country: Canada



e-Zest is headquartered in Pune and operates worldwide as a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies that utilize emerging technologies for creating engaging customers experiences. The company is also a solutions provider for CRM consulting and implementation services. With a dedicated team to CRM related services, e-Zest supports numerous customers across various industries and sizes, from concept to implementation of their cutting-edge CRM sales empowerment app that synchronizes tools for an uninterrupted sales process.

Country: India


Positive IT Information Technology

We are experts implementing IT solutions, our main focus is customer experience and empowering businesses achieved through digital transformation.

With solid experience in integrations, we have implemented our solutions in a variety of business verticals, such as: Health, banking, government, industry & commerce, sports and services.

Since 2008, we provide consulting services and implementation of business-oriented solutions, enhancing the relationship our customers have with their clients.
Our value proposition:
Increase your sales knowing more about your customers through the communication channel they choose, generating cross and up-selling campaigns, surveying their preferences and needs along with monitoring their opinions and perceptions in social networks.
Generate new clients implementing digital marketing and telemarketing campaigns, using bots and AI to generate campaigns and demand, understanding their needs by finding them in the networks they use to talk to or about you.

Our strength in SuiteCRM and BI Analytics enable us to state that we can help you to know your customers, maximizing and empowering your relationship with them and make your business grow.

Country: Argentina



TechEsperto is a leading global services provider for SuiteCRM development, integration, customization, migration and consulting solutions.

Our domain experts strive towards providing best solution architecture to augment unique business solutions. Having expertise in Healthcare, Business Intelligence and marketing domain gives us an edge in building and customizing CRM for Healthcare and also empowering clients in reaching their potential for Sales targets.

Country: USA, India


RT Dynamic LLC

RT Dynamic are a full service SuiteCRM Partner firm providing comprehensive solutions. We specialize in developing state of the art Web and Mobile applications that can be used with SuiteCRM. Its organization strengthens the collaborative work and improves the development processes, ensuring a group of professionals with extensive experience and committed to their work.

Country: USA


Gcoop Cooperativa de Software Libre

Gcoop is a Free Software Development Companywith more than 9 years of experience in the market, organized as a Work Cooperative.
Its organization strengthens the collaborative work and improves the development processes, ensuring a group of professionals with extensive experience and committed to their work.

Country: Argentina



Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is a widely deployed open source solution that enables customers to deploy secure and unified web applications either locally (on-premise) or in their favoured hosting environments such as Amazon Web Services plus numerous other large hosting providers. SuiteCRM is now available to install from the Univention App catalogue on your UCS.

Country: Germany



IMTG is an IT Consultancy that helps medium and large enterprise organisations obtain more leverage and better results from their IT investments. IMTG helps organisations maintain and support e-learning platforms, customer relationship management platforms and optimise their cloud computing environment and applications.

Country: Australia



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is practically a myth in most small to medium sized law firms. Many tend to rely on a ‘rudimentary’ CRM system i.e. legal accounts and/or a case management system that allows them to bill clients properly. However, when it comes to prospects it’s a completely different story. In our experience from working with over 300 law firms, very few actively track their prospects.

Country: United Kingdom


DISYTEL OpenConsulting

DISYTEL is a company dedicated to providing excellent services for the implementation of Open Source solutions-orientated business management, with a focus on the segments of ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence. For this purpose we use the concept of openConsulting, focusing on the quality and strength of the solutions to implement, based on competitiveness and reliability of the Open Source development model.

Country: Argentina



VLI Technologies is founded in 2017 by a group of an enthusiastic & experienced team with the objective of making a difference in the lives of people. We provide global IT Solution services and are committed to delivering innovative solutions. With broad industry experience, we collaborate with clients to become high-performance organizations. We give an edge in forming the right people and technologies for improving client’s productivity. Our expertise delivers the cost-effective and high-quality product with adding innovation to meet the desired customer’s needs. As a SuiteCRM partner we come with a highly dedicated CRM team to support clients across various industries of any sizes & concept.

Country: India


24Data Solutions

24Data Solutions (24Data) has been in the consulting, solution design and development business for over 20 years. 24Data began in the mid eighties by designing custom CRM software solutions for the automotive industry (US – Mercedes Benz Dealers). Our efforts to provide software solutions which are scalable and to a variety of platforms helped to build our expertise in computer hardware, networks and Web/Cloud solutions. By the late nineties, we expanded our business to include custom software/hardware solution design and implementation, specifically for network & Web/Cloud/Hosted environments.

Country: USA and Mexico


Diligent: technology & business consulting

diligent provides CRM, process improvement and IT management solutions. In its consultation and project management services, diligent views company goals, business processes and information technology as a unified whole. Since its founding in 2009, the company has combined the technical and business expertise gained from its employees many years and from many years of experience in industries such as finance, banking, insurance, IT, telecommunications, transport and logistics.

Country: Germany


CBR Consultoria

In 2009 we entered into a partnership with another company for the development and deployment of systems based on Sugar CRM EC. This partnership ended in early 2012, however the Velos kept the technical team responsible for implementing EC Sugar CRM. This team founded the CBR Consulting and Advisory has since started to prioritize the provision of professional services in CRM deployment. We provide our customers throughout the implementation of expertise, training and development, accumulated over the years of working with Sugar CRM EC.

Country: Brazil

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