SuiteCRM Roadmap

SuiteCRM 8 Roadmap

Release ETA Q3 2021

The SuiteCRM Roadmap is subject to review and was last updated on Thursday 8th July 2021.

What’s upcoming in SuiteCRM 8?

User Experience

We want to enhance the user experience and provide an interface that users love. We’ve re-designed the front-end of the application to not only make it look better but also enable users to perform actions easier and get access to key insights quicker.

SuiteCRM 8 Core

From a technology perspective, the introduction of a new Core framework will lead to the deprecation of all residual SugarCRM contributions from the codebase leaving a leaner and more maintainable application.

Backwards Compatibility

We will be introducing a compatibility mode that you can select by view and module that will be rendered in the new angular engine or will be referenced from SuiteCRM 7.

Standards & Extension

We are striving to make everything extendible as much as possible following our design values. We are also introducing a new test suite for Angular UI and the SuiteCRM 8 core.

SuiteCRM Beta III

Release Plan: August 2021

In our 3rd Beta Preview we will build on the features nearly ready for production release:

  • Completed Beta II Features

  • System Upgrades

  • History Timeline

  • Mobile & Theme Improvements 

  • and more…

SuiteCRM 8 Release Candidate

Release Plan: September 2021

Our release candidate in preparation for our production release. Features will include:

  • Production Ready Features

  • Extension Framework Improvements

  • Plugin Support

  • Mobile Views

  • and more…

SuiteCRM Release Candidate & Production Release

Release Plan: October 2021

Production release of SuiteCRM 8

If you have a question about SuiteCRM 8 or the roadmap then take a look at our dedicated Q & A forum thread.

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