SuiteCRM Roadmap

SuiteCRM Roadmap

The SuiteCRM Roadmap is subject to review and was last updated on Tuesday 5th July 2022.

SalesAgility have big plans for the future of the SuiteCRM project. The SuiteCRM Roadmap shares an overview of the features and benefits that we hope to include going forward within upcoming releases. By constantly improving and innovating we hope to keep our amazing customers and community alike, happy. Like most roadmaps, this plan is based on user priorities so this may be subject to change if priorities change.

SuiteCRM 8.2

  • Expected Release Date: August 2022
  • Key Features:
    • Login Improvements
    • SAML Authentication
    • LDAP Authentication,
    • Migration path from SuiteCRM 7

SuiteCRM 8.3

  • Expected Release Date: November 2022
  • Key Features:
    • Floating Save Actions
    • New Email/HTML Template Engine
    • Enhanced History Timeline
    • New Suite8 Calendar

The SuiteCRM Lifecycle

SalesAgility publish new releases of SuiteCRM regularly. This enables users, the community, businesses and developers to plan out their own roadmaps knowing that they will have access to newer open source upstream capabilities as more releases are published.

Extended Support Releases (ESR) for the SuiteCRM Project going forward

7.12 will be an Extended Support Release, with a full 18 months of support following the release of SuiteCRM 8.0. This will provide our clients, community, and partners time to transition to the new and improved SuiteCRM.

The initial releases of SuiteCRM 8 will have a shorter support period, with plans for smaller feature releases to be published more often to help drive development forward.

Graph showing Extended Support Releases (ESR) for the SuiteCRM Project going forward