Support Services

We are the driving force behind SuiteCRM. When you choose SalesAgility’s support services for your organisation, you have direct access to the team who create, maintain and develop the application.

Your involvement ensures the projects continued growth, helps shape our future direction and contributes back to the open source community.

What’s covered by your support package?

  • Email, Phone or Video call support, directly with experienced engineers
  • Dedicated web portal to manage your support cases
  • Service Level Agreement and response time options to match your needs
  • Complimentary 1 on 1 training on core functionality
  • Purchase additional support hours and extras as required

All services –
One support package

  • Business Consultancy, Group Training, Software Development, Change Requests and Bug-fixes can all be undertaken using your support package.
  • Upgrades, Migrations, Security and Performance audits upon request
  • See below for more information

Covering ALL of your organisations needs

From business consultancy to help steer and grow your SuiteCRM adoption to bespoke development and customisation to improve user experience and optimise business processes, our engineers and consultants are on hand to help.

Purchase a support package


£3,000 + vat

20 Support Hours

Ideal for smaller organisations and startups

Standard SLA response times

1 Nominated portal user


£4,500 + vat

30 Support Hours

Ideal for medium size or fast growing organisations on a budget

Standard SLA response times

2 Nominated portal user


£7,500 + vat

50 Support Hours

Ideal for large or fast growing organisations

Enhanced SLA response times

6 Nominated portal users



Bespoke Care Hours

Ideal for larger enterprises and organisations

Enterprise level SLA response times

Core Assurance

Additional warranties and guarantees

Unlimited portal users


Additional nominated portal users can be purchased for £250 per year.

Additional support hours can be purchased in blocks of 10 for £1500

Enterprise Verification Service

If you are interested in professional services to compliment your in-house or 3rd party vendors, our Enterprise Verification Service may be of interest

Fast, efficient support that works for you

Support cases are at the core of our packages. Use your dedicated portal to manage your existing cases, review historic ones or contact our engineers. Prefer to speak on the phone? Would your issue be easier to explain in a video call? No problem, create a support case and one of our team will be in touch.

Support services in detail

Support - New Installations and Setup Issues

New Installations and Setup Issues

Whilst the initial installation is usually a straightforward process, achieving the optimal setup and configuration of SuiteCRM and its infrastructure can be a challenging task, even for experienced system administrators. Our engineers have performed thousands of installations for clients around the world. Thanks to our deep understanding of the software and it's server and hosting requirements, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to guide you through your first steps with SuiteCRM.

Support - Fully Managed Hosting

Fully Managed Hosting

Our team of infrastructure engineers manage the application, platform, backups, and security allowing you to focus on your business. Hosted securely within our private cloud infrastructure in the United Kingdom, each fully managed instance is fine tuned for performance, reliability and monitored 24/7. Our experts are constantly evolving the platform to take advantage of the latest technical advances and security improvements. From our client’s perspective, this happens seamlessly and automatically in the background. We respect that your CRM is the cornerstone of your business and treat it as if it were our own. There is no better place to host your business CRM.

Support - Data Migrations

Data Migrations

For most organisations, data is the foundation of almost everything else they do. Storing and accessing that information from a single resource, such as SuiteCRM, offers many advantages. When attempting to move data from one system to another, it's critical that the process is accurate and comprehensive. Small migrations of only a few hundred records are usually easy to achieve with the guidance of our support team. Organisations with larger datasets can benefit from our comprehensive migration services including a pre-migration data analysis service. If you are looking to migrate your data from an existing CRM, accounting package, custom software, or database then our team can help.

Support - Troubleshooting and Bug-fixes

Troubleshooting and Bug-fixes

If you are experiencing issues or bugs in your SuiteCRM instance, our experienced software engineers are available to guide you through the troubleshooting and resolution process. We understand these issues can be disruptive to your organisation and will prioritise their resolution to keep your CRM in perfect health.

Support - Change Requests and Process Optimisation

Change Requests and Process Optimisation

Integrating your business processes into a CRM can save time and increase efficiencies. From marketing and purchasing through to manufacturing and compliance, SuiteCRM is the perfect tool for the job. The CRM should make the process easier, faster and increase visibility. However, a poorly designed or implemented process will hinder adoption and can have a detrimental effect. Our team of business analysts and developers can work with you to integrate and optimise your existing processes or adapt those already in place to remove the user pain points, increasing value to your organisation. This can be as simple as the removal or addition of fields or functionality through to bespoke new modules that perfectly encompass your specific needs. 

Support - Third Party Integrations

Third Party Integrations

The real efficiencies of a CRM come with the centralised view of your organisation. When your data is spread over several disconnected, individual software packages and data stores it becomes difficult to view and process the information needed. SuiteCRM features a REST API which can be used when integrating with third party applications. Likewise, the open and flexible nature of the software means it’s straightforward to integrate SuiteCRM with virtually any existing software on the market today. Some common integrations are already available on the SuiteCRM Store allowing you to readily integrate your business applications with your CRM. Where your needs are not covered by these, we have built countless bespoke integrations bringing together multiple enterprise applications, so they share information and data as one.

Support - Consultancy


Our team of experienced and qualified business analysts and consultants can guide you through the CRM implementation, adoption, or adaption phases. By making use of their services, you don’t need to be a CRM expert to implement a powerful, centralised communications and management platform to manage your organisations information. Our consultants will analyse your data and business practices and work with our developers to shape the information and processes into a design that meets your requirements.

Support - one on one or group training

Training Sessions

SalesAgility have experienced trainers who can bring your staff and team up to speed on the CRM processes. Our 1 on 1 Core SuiteCRM training sessions are available as a complimentary service with all support packages. This is provided via email or video call where our trainers will demonstrate how to get the best from the core SuiteCRM features. Complimentary training is restricted to nominated portal users only. If you have lots of staff who would benefit from this training, then additional staff can be added to the support portal, at minimal cost, so they can benefit from this training resource. We also offer group training on core, non-core, custom and bespoke functionality as well as developer focused group training which can be paid for using your available support hours.

Support - Styling UI / UX

Styling UI / UX

One of the main benefits of SuiteCRM being open source, is the ease in which it can be customised by suitably experienced developers. Our in-house team of UI / UX experts and front-end developers can customise the CRM to ensure the user interface fits in with your company branding, colour scheme and design. 

Support - Upgrades


Running the latest version of SuiteCRM is important, not just to obtain the latest features and functionality but it often contains important security or stability fixes. Upgrading your instance frequently is one of the fundamentals of maintaining a secure and stable CRM. Furthermore, most organisations have compliance requirements that deter the use of out-dated or unsupported software versions. On our hosting platform, upgrades are largely automated. This makes the upgrade process as smooth and trouble free as possible. For those who self-host, have complex integrations or have not upgraded recently, they may find upgrading challenging. Our team of engineers are experienced in resolving upgrade issues and can work with you to upgrade your CRM instance or carry out the upgrade on your behalf. We also offer a service to adapt your existing customisations to make them as upgrade compatible as possible.

Support - Server Migrations

Server Migrations

Keeping your hosting environment up to date is an equally important task that requires constant monitoring, updates, and testing. Our infrastructure specialists can migrate your existing SuiteCRM instance from one server to another with virtually no disruption to service. Whether you are moving from your own self-hosted instance of SuiteCRM to our fully managed hosting service, or you need move your self-hosted instance due to a platform or operating system upgrade, our engineers are here to help.

Support - Security Audits

Security Audits

Security audits can take many forms, depending upon the specific situation. A security code audit will usually analyse your SuiteCRM instance to discover if any files or standard database records or structures have been changed from their original state, either accidentally, intentionally, or maliciously. Once this has been carried out, a report is prepared, highlighting areas of concern or those that require further investigation. If appropriate, a set of immediate remedial actions and estimates are also included. If you suspect or are aware that your instance of SuiteCRM has already been compromised, get in touch with our support team immediately who can assist with securing the instance, both in the immediate and long term.

Support - Performance Audits

Performance Audits

SuiteCRM performs well on most hosting platforms, with our default recommended settings and configuration. However, once your user base, complexity or data set grows you may find performance falls over time. Our engineers are experienced in understanding these bottlenecks and customising the underlying server and hosting configuration to get the highest performance from your available server resources. The first step when dealing with many performance issues is to audit the existing configuration to understand if there are any easy, quick wins. Once these have been achieved, focus can then move to code and database customisation to suit your specific situation or the deployment of a high-performance scalable platform to host your CRM. Those who don’t want to be burdened with the ongoing maintenance of platform optimisation may wish to consider a move to our managed hosting, where our engineers take care of this on your behalf. 

Support - Compliance


Every organisation that collects personal data must consider how they look after that data. A large part of this process is to understand and meet their compliance obligations. This job is made easier for clients who host on our fully managed hosting. Our compliance experts have already achieved a high level of compliance by utilising advanced monitoring along with regular internal and external auditing. Our hosting and organisation are compliant with most worldwide standards including GDPR and the DPA. If you have more stringent or complex compliance needs, we offer specialised hosting environments which can be customised to suit your requirements. Knowing that your hosting compliance needs are being met can be a huge burden alleviated for your organisation. For those who self-host and are unable to make the required changes, our support team can assist with recommendations, guidance, and customisation to achieve your goals.

Questions and Answers

New clients who sign up for a support contact will go through our on-boarding process. This allows us to understand your organisation, your current and future needs and gives us the opportunity to discuss how the support will be delivered as well as how to ensure you get the best value from your support hours.

Once complete, you will have access to the support portal and begin to utilise your available support hours to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

You can create a new support case at any time and expect a response within the agreed SLA levels.

The SuiteCRM Support team is committed to providing world-class service and support to its customers.

Staffed by highly skilled support engineers and supported by the development team who write and maintain SuiteCRM, the SuiteCRM Support team is dedicated to resolving your issues quickly and professionally.

Our team will respond to any new support case within the SLA levels appropriate to your level of support package.

Once your on-boarding process is complete, you will have access to our support portal.

You can use this to open a new case, respond to an existing one or access your historic cases. You can also use the support portal to request a video call, telephone call or in person meeting to discuss your requirements in more detail.

All interactions with the support team will be managed through the support portal. If you contact us by email or telephone a new support case will be created to manage this interaction.

Each support package includes a specific number of support hours that can be utilised during your contract year. Each interaction with our support team will consume those support hours to one degree or another.

Smaller tasks will use less time, whereas larger, more complex cases requiring detailed investigation, planning, development, or consultancy, will use up more of your available time.

Unused support hours will expire at the end of the contract year and cannot be carried forward.

During your contract year, you can request an update at any time, on any case to discover your current support hour balance.

We can also send automated reports on a monthly basis which will detail your usage.

You can purchase additional support hours at any point during your contract year. These are available in blocks of 10 with discounts for higher volume purchases.

This is useful if you intend to embark on an especially complex change request, integration or if you would like to conduct an upgrade, migration or audit and do not have sufficient hours to complete the process. Unused support hours will expire at the end of the contract year and cannot be carried forward.

If you use all of your available support hours, you have the option to purchase more or wait until your package renews the following year to continue receiving our support.

The support team can provide an estimate for any specific task, issue, or change. This can be requested at any time on the support case and can help you plan and budget for current and upcoming years.

Please be aware that the creation of an estimate may well take up some of your available support hours as we may need more information from you or to do further planning or investigation ourselves.

Support packages are paid in advance and managed completely online through our payment provider. Your support plan will automatically renew each year for your convenience.

You can cancel your support package at any time by notifying us through the support portal.

Please note there are no full or partial refunds for unused support hours.

Our complimentary Core SuiteCRM training is available with all support packages. This is provided via email or video call (restricted to 30 min sessions) where our trainers will demonstrate how to get the best from the core SuiteCRM features. Core SuiteCRM Training is restricted to nominated portal users and covers core functionality only. These complimentary sessions do not reduce your available Support Hours.

It’s important to note that consultancy is not included in the complimentary training, so if your question is about how to achieve a specific goal or task this would not be included in the training session.

Additional nominated portal users can be purchased at any time. We also offer group training on core, non-core, custom and bespoke functionality, as well as developer focused group training which can be paid for using your available support hours. Please see our terms and conditions below for the full details.

Nominated portal users are the only users who can log in to the support portal and make use of our support services.

Requests from users who are not nominated portal users cannot be processed, although we may contact one of the nominated portal users to inform them that an unauthorised request was received.

The Core Assurance is a key aspect of our SuiteASSURED support package. With Core Assurance, you can discuss, report and resolve bugs in the core SuiteCRM functionality without impacting your available Care Hours. Ideal for those who make extensive use of the SuiteCRM software and would like to ensure the highest stability possible.

Core Assurance provides a warranty on both core and customisation and includes enterprise level SLA agreements.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits of SuiteASSURED in more detail

SLA response times indicate the maximum time it will take for us to respond to your new cases.

We offer three levels of SLA response times to suit your organisation:

Standard: Our entry level package, suitable for those looking for timely responses to their enquiries

Enhanced: Ideal for those looking for faster responses to their urgent issues

Enterprise: Only available with SuiteASSURED. Our fastest and highest priority service.

SLA response times are for initial responses only and do not indicate the time required to provide a fix, solution, or final response.

Response times vary depending upon the type of request and the severity level assigned by our support team. For more information, please see our terms and conditions below.

To view the terms and conditions for our support packages, please click here.