The SuiteCRM Journey

SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, originally started out delivering bespoke consulting for the SugarCRM Open Source application. However in 2013, when SugarCRM abondoned Open Source, SalesAgility made the decision to fork the SugarCRM Community Edition and hence, SuiteCRM was ‘born’.

SuiteCRM 7 was released in October 2013 and while we continued to maintain Sugar’s code, to become the world’s leading Open Source CRM solution, we also wanted to provide backwards compatibility in a modern world as well as take the application to the next level. Setting off on this journey, we were absolutely sure of one thing, that we wanted to take everyone along with us and build a community that are as proud of the SuiteCRM project as we are.

And so the SuiteCRM 8 journey began…

The Big Build

The initial phase involved a lot of whiteboard sessions, many discussions and ultimately lots of great ideas. All of which led us to introduce new technologies and techniques to build the underlying framework and structure of the new and improved SuiteCRM you see today.

Status: Complete

Levelling Up

When we released SuiteCRM 8, it was a solid and finished product, but it wasn’t quite as feature complete as we would have liked. So, together with our amazing SuiteCRM community, our team of engineers began to bring all of the missing features into the latest version, levelling it up and going above and beyond what was originally there!

Status: Ongoing

The Big Move

When we have a solid foundation, the big shift away from legacy will start and will take place behind the scenes! This will be an exciting time for everyone involved in the SuiteCRM project because it allows us to not only bring everything up to date, but also introduce the new features that everyone wants to see in the application.

Status: Not Started


In this final phase of the SuiteCRM 8 plan, we will ensure everything is working satisfactorily as we look to the future, ready for the next big thing!

Status: Not Started