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Discover how SuiteCRM has been successfully adopted by businesses across the world.

Shoshana Technologies Case Study


Shoshana Technologies

Shoshana Technologies has been providing software solutions to independent and franchise home care agencies in the United States and Canada for over 30 years. Their goal? To provide simple-to-use software that improves efficiencies and allows agencies to focus on providing excellent care while providing industry-leading customer service.

After a partnership with a local contractor (to them) came to an end, and they stopped being available for the maintenance of their SuiteCRM instance, Shoshana Technologies were desperate for help in restoring their SuiteCRM instance to its former glory.

Check out the case study to find out how SalesAgility were able to help.

Oneworld Accuracy

Oneworld Accuracy is an independent external quality assessment (EQA) provider for medical laboratories and test sites based in Vancouver, Canada.
They required a CRM system which would provide a 360-degree view of the business, enabling all stakeholders access to up-to-date information and decided that SuiteCRM was the best fit for them. 


Titomic is an industrial-scale additive manufacturing company based in Melbourne, Australia.
They needed a CRM platform that could grow with their company and enable them to make better business decisions. SuiteASSURED was chosen as the best fit based on the Requirements Workshop conducted by SalesAgility to determine Titomic’s needs.

Tyre Giant Marketing CRM

The tyre giant, a multinational organisation with 100+ manufacturing plants around the world, was looking for a CRM that could break down silos & move all information into one central database, providing a better understanding of the entire customer life cycle.
SuiteASSURED was chosen as the best fit for the company after outperforming the competition.


WATT+VOLT is a rapidly expanding Greek firm that offers integrated electricity and gas services. They are continuously innovating and developing to adapt to the new needs arising internationally in the Energy sector.
As a result, they required an easily adaptable CRM platform that could scale with them as they grew while also allowing them to improve and enhance their customer relationships as part of a major IT transformation initiative.

Scottish Book Trust

The Scottish Book Trust is a national charity that believes that reading and writing for pleasure can change people’s lives. Since 1998, the charity has been bringing the benefits of reading & writing to all Scots, delivering world-class programmes & annual awards to over two million people.
With a wide range of programmes available, they needed a stable, easy-to-adapt platform that could grow with them in a cost-effective way.

Humanetics Innovative Solutions

Humanetics is the global leader in the design, manufacture & supply of biofidelic crash test dummies, calibration equipment, crash sensors instrumentation, software modeling & active safety testing equipment.
They required a CRM to establish a single repository for customer contact data to improve visibility, consistency & collaboration throughout the organisation, & SuiteCRM was their platform of choice.

As we have rolled out SuiteCRM with SalesAgility’s guidance and support we have seen a significant level of engagement from our staff. Key people within our organization are using SuiteCRM to drive new marketing and sales initiatives plus enhancing support processes that are generating an order of magnitude in savings in operational costs.

We are also looking forward to rolling out interfaces to SuiteCRM to our partners for them to enjoy some of the same benefits.


The SalesAgility team has surpassed our expectations with swift communication channels and great results resulting in a smooth deployment of the SuiteCRM product.

The SalesAgility team has worked very closely with us to understand our programmes in order to identify the best solutions for our organisational needs. The team has been fantastic to work with, responsive and helpful, and they have essentially become an extension of our team. Our new CRM system will be transformative for our charity and we look forward to working with SalesAgility on future developments.

For WATT+VOLT, the success of introducing SuiteCRM as our enterprise CRM can be attributed to various factors, including product flexibility, fit to our needs and agile project execution but, foremost, on SalesAgility’s strong commitment to share and transfer their deep product knowledge with us.


We selected SalesAgility and SuiteASSURED as it met a number of our criteria with regards to data ownership, data security and server locations as well as the fact that the customisations and data remained the property of Titomic.

The team at SalesAgility are exceptionally responsive, friendly and competent and the time zone differences, although requiring consideration with regards to meetings, have had no impact on our ability to ensure the system delivers to our needs.

Titomic LogoDominic Parsonson, HEAD OF SALES, TITOMIC

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