SuiteCRM is one of world’s most flexible CRM applications, making it an excellent choice for people that want to move away from proprietary software such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

You can migrate to SuiteCRM from any CRM, including Salesforce, Dynamics, and SugarCRM

You will have:

  • the same features
  • the same business processes

And you will:

  • save money
  • gain back full ownership of your own essential business data

Can I migrate from my current CRM?

Yes! You can migrate from any CRM to SuiteCRM. The size, age, usage or complexity of your current CRM doesn’t matter, a successful migration to SuiteCRM can be done.

How can I migrate?

The easiest and fastest way to migrate is to get in contact with SalesAgility, the creators and maintainers of SuiteCRM. Get in contact and learn how your migration can be a success!

Learn how we can help you with your migration