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Jun 4th, 2018

SalesAgility at OpenExpo Europe 2018

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Next Wednesday and Thursday you can find SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, at the OpenExpo Europe event in Madrid Spain. OpenExpo Europe is the main professional Fair and Congress about Open Source, Free Software and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation) in Europe. SalesAgility, the maintainers of SuiteCRM will be there. You can find us at booth 92. Come and meet us! Open Expo Europe 2018 6 & 8 June 2018 Madrid, Spain https://openexpoeurope.com/ Our Head of Marketing will have a talk too! In Spain on those dates? Sign up and meet us at the event! https://openexpoeurope.com/oe2018/register/.

May 28th, 2018

Two growing Scottish companies combine to deliver a secure, powerful Global CRM Solution

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SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, and IT solutions provider Hutchinson Networks, have joined forces to provide businesses and enterprises with robust and secure SuiteCRM hosting solutions. This partnership provides SalesAgility customers with flexible and scalable hosting options for their CRM needs. SuiteCRM is used globally by over 4 million users. It’s the CRM for leading enterprises in compliance-driven sectors that are attracted by the recent launch of SuiteASSURED, the total care package for SuiteCRM. This product delivers warranties, indemnities, support and performance guarantees in addition to the freedom and flexibility open source software provides. Continue reading at the www.hutchinsonnetworks.com.

May 22nd, 2018

VlogicInfo and SalesAgility announce SuiteCRM partnership

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VlogicInfo and SalesAgility announce a new SuiteCRM partnership to offer SuiteCRM, the world’s leading open source CRM, for the end users worldwide. VlogicInfo (VLI) will provide with SuiteCRM a highly secure and affordable CRM solution, driving sales productivity. With SuiteCRM users will have a clear overview of their leads, allowing them to detect new opportunities and close deals easier and faster, while staying in full control of your own data. For compliance-driven companies that wish to engage with SuiteCRM, we will offer SuiteASSURED, the total Care package for SuiteCRM that includes extensive support, indemnities, warranties, and performance guarantees. VLogicInfo understanding [...]

May 21st, 2018

SuiteCRM 7.10.5 Maintenance Patch released

By | 2018-05-21T15:15:38+00:00 May 21st, 2018|Releases, SuiteCRM|0 Comments

SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, has released SuiteCRM, version 7.10.5. This is a new point release of SuiteCRM featuring 6 improvements and 36 fixes. To read the full release notes, please check the following pages: SuiteCRM 7.10.5. To download or update to the latest version, please visit out download page. About SuiteCRM With over 840,000 downloads, SuiteCRM is one of world’s most popular CRM applications. SuiteCRM is open source, and provides you with all the modules you need to helps increase sales, improve customer care and streamline business operations. You can run the fully featured SuiteCRM on-premise or on [...]

May 9th, 2018

e-Zest and SalesAgility announce SuiteCRM Partnership

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Pune, India and Stirling, United Kingdom - May 9, 2018. A solid step in e-Zest’s aspiration to become a provider of high-quality, secure, and affordable CRM solution to complement its AI-driven sales productivity tool. e-Zest, a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies, announces its partnership with SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, the worlds most popular open source CRM, to build a robust CRM solution stack. This partnership will bring a secure, user-friendly, affordable and enhanced experiences for the end user with the new offering. Adding new opportunities in the ever competitive CRM space keeping in mind [...]

Apr 24th, 2018

The greatest Customer Support is from Open Source?

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One of the most important factors of your business success is your reputation with your customers. That includes the quality of service you deliver to them. In many companies that means the CRM application. Your CRM is a critical component in the service landscape. It’s mission critical. Without it, you can’t service your customers optimally. Your reputation would be damaged. You would lose business. You would lose customers. You would lose money. For vendor provided and maintained products that are viewed as mission critical, a maintenance contract is almost always provided by the vendor. For IT services such as CRM, [...]

Apr 17th, 2018

Roadmap for SuiteCRM 7.11 announced

By | 2018-04-17T14:48:14+00:00 April 17th, 2018|News, SuiteCRM|0 Comments

We are excited to announce the roadmap for SuiteCRM 7.11, our next major SuiteCRM release, focussed on stability, bug fixing, alignment with SuiteCRM 8 Phase 2, automated testing and unit testing and some much requested new features! SuiteCRM 7.11 is estimated to be released in August 2018. Please join us in the SuiteCRM forum to discuss any features or areas identified (or not) on the roadmap. Get a SuiteCRM demo Get a Demo

Apr 9th, 2018

SuiteCRM 7.10.4 Maintenance Patch released

By | 2018-04-09T14:55:05+00:00 April 9th, 2018|Releases, SuiteCRM|0 Comments

SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, has released SuiteCRM, version 7.10.4. This is a minor release of SuiteCRM featuring a total of 24 fixes. Our commitment to make sure that SuiteCRM is the best open source CRM available for businesses, enterprises, organisations and non-profits, is shown by the number of maintenance patch releases: 4 since the release of 7.10 mid February. These maintenance patch releases combined include over 150 enhancements and fixes! This latest maintenance patch release fixes email issues, module builder problems and several smaller issues. To read the full release notes, please check the following pages: SuiteCRM 7.10.4. [...]

Apr 3rd, 2018

SuiteCRM 7.10.3 Maintenance Patch released

By | 2018-04-03T11:00:24+00:00 April 3rd, 2018|Releases, SuiteCRM|0 Comments

SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, is excited to announce a new release of SuiteCRM, version 7.10.3, just over 2 weeks after the release of 7.10.2. This is a minor release of SuiteCRM featuring a total of 53 enhancements and bugfixes. At the same time the SuiteCRM 7.9.16 and SuiteCRM 7.8.17 (LTS) have been released. Enhancements and fixes include sorting of modules by name, new icons in the studio and module builder, email fixes, document preview and a lot more. To read the full release notes, please check the following pages: SuiteCRM 7.10.3 - SuiteCRM 7.9.17 - SuiteCRM 7.8.18 (LTS) [...]

Mar 16th, 2018

SuiteCRM at the Sales Innovation Expo

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Meet SalesAgility at the Sales Innovation Expo March 21 and 22, 2018, ExCeL, London The world's most popular Open Source CRM at Sales Innovation Expo On March 22 the Sales Innovation Expo 2018 starts and SalesAgility, the driving force behind the open source SuiteCRM, will attend. The Sales Innovation Expo is the largest and most important event for professional sales leaders, providing cutting-edge advice and demonstrating the latest technologies, products and services. Why should you meet us? SuiteCRM is GDRP ready, open source and free! The fully featured [...]