Oct 24th, 2018

SuiteCRM 7.10.10 Maintenance Patch released

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SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, has released SuiteCRM, version 7.10.10. This release includes an updated API with the ability to easily extend and includes new functionalities. To read the full release notes, please check the following pages: SuiteCRM 7.10.10. To download or update to the latest version, please visit out download page. At the same time we have released a new update of our LTS version. SuiteCRM 7.8.23 LTS is available at our LTS download page. For the release notes, please check: SuiteCRM 7.8.23 LTS.   About SuiteCRM With over 840,000 downloads, SuiteCRM is one of world’s most popular [...]

Oct 18th, 2018

ScotlandPHP 2018 Conference

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SalesAgility at the ScotlandPHP 2018 Conference At the recent ScotlandPHP 2018 conference held in Edinburgh on Saturday October 6th the team from SalesAgilty, who were also one of the event’s sponsors, enjoyed a good day filled with excellent thought provoking talks. Amongst the keynote speakers Nils Adermann co-creator of Composer articulated some of its key dependency management and autoloading features. For the uninitiated Composer is the new standard in PHP to efficiently manage project development version updates and bug fixes.   “Previously downloading third party software from the Github was time consuming and often involved using large libraries [...]

Sep 19th, 2018

Salesforce is feeling the heat from open source CRM

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In medieval warfare, it was not uncommon for military campaigns against strategic strongholds to last for decades. Defenders built fortifications designed to endure long sieges and withstand heavy bombardment. Aggressor forces required fortitude, belief, patience, military knowledge and ammunition in sufficient quality and quantity to deliver relentless assault. Commanders of the protagonists wait for a particular moment. That moment when the first chink in the defender’s armour is exposed. A moment when it becomes apparent that the strategy is working and the probability of success increases dramatically. The moment when the defenders suddenly become very vulnerable. Salesforce is very good [...]

Aug 22nd, 2018

Case study: Humanetics Innovative Solutions uses SuiteCRM to increase visibility, consistency and collaboration

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SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, is excited to share a case study of a SuiteCRM implementation for Humanetics, the leading global market manufacturer and supplier of crash test dummies and calibration equipment, crash sensors and instrumentation, and crash simulation software models. Humanetics serves industry leaders in a variety of high-growth markets including automotive, aviation, energy, medical, military and civil infrastructure, and has over 650 employees across 19 facilities strategically located around the world with the global corporate headquarters situated in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. Summary of Aims Global CRM Implementation to introduce a single repository for customer contact data [...]

Aug 20th, 2018

SugarCRM loses and open source wins

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Cupertino – August 15th 2018. Aged 14, quietly surrounded by venture capitalists, SugarCRM announced that their ambitions as a global brand had passed away. A press release announced that SugarCRM has been acquired by Accel-KKR. Accel-KKR’s own website gives the game away - “Accel-KKR focuses on middle market companies”. A cursory look at their portfolio tells you that this is not a company that builds global brands. It’s a company that acquires plodders. Their portfolio consists of companies like Kana and Kerridge. Both solid, unexciting performers that have been around for a long time but aren’t setting the heather on [...]

Jul 24th, 2018

SuiteCRM’s list of features

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SuiteCRM is the world's most popular open source CRM for a reason: it's packed with features and the flexibility and robustness makes it perfect for enterprises. Check out the list below to see the modules and main features of SuiteCRM, and learn why this CRM has over 800.000 downloads and more than 4 million users worldwide. Accounts module Accounts in SuiteCRM will hold all information specific to a company that your organisation will have a relationship with. This module allows you to manage all accounts. Bugs module To records and track bugs in the products that you offer. Calendar [...]

Jul 18th, 2018

Open Source vs “Free” CRM’s

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“Fake news” is a rather unfortunate phrase that’s entered the common lexicon. Fake news is made possible by the unfettered publishing mechanisms afforded by the Internet. Anyone can write and publish anything. As long as it’s not criminal, it’ll get airtime somewhere. The more popular the site it’s published on, the more airtime it gets. Veracity is not an influencer in this model. If you search for “open source CRM”, many of the results returned are for “free and open source CRM” comparison articles. The authors of the articles rarely take time to explain the difference between open source [...]

Jul 11th, 2018

New User Interface in Suite8

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We are excited to announce SuiteCRM will switch to a new and completely built from the ground up user interface (UI), and we want to share the first mock-ups with you. This will be part of Suite8, our next big release which is planned for the beginning of next year. It has been a long and exhilarating road in establishing SuiteCRM as the fully open source enterprise CRM it is today from its early beginnings and we couldn’t have done it without our clients, community and partners that have all contributed to the project relentlessly over the years. And now [...]

May 21st, 2018

SuiteCRM 7.10.5 Maintenance Patch released

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SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, has released SuiteCRM, version 7.10.5. This is a new point release of SuiteCRM featuring 6 improvements and 36 fixes. To read the full release notes, please check the following pages: SuiteCRM 7.10.5. To download or update to the latest version, please visit out download page. About SuiteCRM With over 840,000 downloads, SuiteCRM is one of world’s most popular CRM applications. SuiteCRM is open source, and provides you with all the modules you need to helps increase sales, improve customer care and streamline business operations. You can run the fully featured SuiteCRM on-premise or on [...]

May 9th, 2018

e-Zest and SalesAgility announce SuiteCRM Partnership

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Pune, India and Stirling, United Kingdom - May 9, 2018. A solid step in e-Zest’s aspiration to become a provider of high-quality, secure, and affordable CRM solution to complement its AI-driven sales productivity tool. e-Zest, a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies, announces its partnership with SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, the worlds most popular open source CRM, to build a robust CRM solution stack. This partnership will bring a secure, user-friendly, affordable and enhanced experiences for the end user with the new offering. Adding new opportunities in the ever competitive CRM space keeping in mind [...]