Jan 14th, 2019

SuiteCRM 7.11 Released!

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We are happy to announce another major release of SuiteCRM – 7.11. This version is jam packed with bug fixes and community contributions. SuiteCRM 7.11.0 has several changes, including security fixes, and a number of new feature enhancements. New Enhancements Elasticsearch What is Elasticsearch and what does it mean for SuiteCRM? Elasticsearch is an open-source, broadly-distributable, readily-scalable, enterprise-grade RESTful search engine. It provides a highly flexible solution to centrally store and index your data that can be accessed extremely quickly via its API. By including Elasticsearch as a core search engine integration SuiteCRM will now provide users a faster and [...]

Dec 24th, 2018

Pull Request Party: Thank you for your support

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It has been a very busy week here at SalesAgility with the hosting of our first Pull Request Party on the 17 – 18 December. We had a great response from the community members that joined us during those days with the goal of merging new code contributions into the core repository. We achieved 89 closed pull requests in a space of 24 hours. Thank you! A big thanks to all the contributors, past and present, for providing new enhancements and bug fixes to the core project. Our appreciation also goes out to those who tested PRs and helped with [...]

Dec 14th, 2018

Pull Request Party Update!

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Hello Everyone! We are making an update to our pull request party that we hope you will all enjoy! In the ethos of encouraging community collaboration and a chance to show our utmost gratitude to our contributors we have created 200 SuiteCRM mugs that we will give to all contributors that takes part in our 2 day event! That’s right! If you participant in any of the following activities during the 17 – 18 Dec you will receive a SuiteCRM mug & stickers. Test and verify bug fix pull requests Test and verify enhancement pull requests Supply an acceptance or [...]

Dec 12th, 2018

Your Invite: SuiteCRM Pull Request Party 17th – 18th Dec!

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   Dear All, As per our recent blog and twitter posts we are excited to reveal the full details of how you can participate in our new Open Source SuiteCRM Pull Request Party. The SuiteCRM Pull Request Party Explained! For new visitors who might be unaware of what we are actually talking about! -  The “Pull Request Party” is one of the new improved Open Source ways we intend to collaborate with our valued SuiteCRM community.  We want to tap into their collective expertise to help fix pre-production release bugs, contribute innovate coding, and encourage greater levels of creative community [...]

Dec 7th, 2018

SuiteCRM 7.11 – Announcing Pull Request Party!

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        Hello Everyone! The festive period is fast approaching and we know people are getting into the party spirit and that is certainly the case here at SalesAgility! One of the fantastic things that makes SuiteCRM the most preferred fully open source software is our fantastic community! It is incredible what the community can do and we appreciate their contribution in helping us to continually improve SuiteCRM for all of its many millions of users around the world. With this in mind we are pleased to announce an event to unite existing and new contributors to help [...]