Consultancy and Implementation Projects

Your business is unique, and your workforce has been optimised to take full advantage of your market. Because of this, you require a CRM that can be customised to perform exactly as you need. Whether your firm is a small start-up or a large and complex multi-national organisation, SuiteCRM is the ideal solution. Thanks to its flexibility and powerful workflow module you are empowered to customise your environment to suit you. But as always, we are here to help. We can assist you in adjusting SuiteCRM so that it satisfies your unique business needs. If you need customisation work on your instance of SuiteCRM, please contact us for a quotation.

Our Software Engineering Process


Our initial discovery phase is understanding the goals, challenges and high-level requirements of the CRM implementation project. This may form an initial proposal, ITT or purely from discussions with the customer.


During the definition phase a SalesAgility Business Analyst will spend time with the different stakeholders to understand the requirements in greater detail. This is achieved through Requirements Workshops usually held on-site. Once the workshops have been completed then these requirements are articulated in a Requirements Specification Document and Fixed Price Proposal. The functional requirements will be reviewed, revised and accepted by the customer before development as well as through development.


With our Agile Development process we put you at the centre of the process, so you’ll exactly know what’s being done. Each project has milestones where we will give you a walk through and demonstrations of the work in progress.


We will deploy the SuiteCRM instance on the live Environment and migrate your data from existing systems. Our Consultants will train the end users of the system as well as provide power user training to a small subset of users.


We provide a range of support, assurance and service packages to ensure you are driving value from the CRM system post deployment.

Writing great software requires great people. We are fortunate to have very talented and experienced consultants, architects and engineers who translate business process requirements into elegant and robust software solutions.

Thinking about starting your own CRM implementation project?

Get your hands on a copy of our checklist today and ensure you get off to a good start!