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SuiteCRM 7.14

The latest version of SuiteCRM 7 is here. It is an excellent addition to any technology stack, particularly for those upgrading from previous releases and those seeking stability.

SuiteCRM 8.5

SuiteCRM 8 uses the latest technology and brings with it a multitude of enhancements that will improve how you are able to visualise and interact with your data. It is ideal for those who want to work with cutting-edge technology.

A helping hand…

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Join the SuiteCRM Community

SalesAgility’s open source model has a vibrant community providing constant improvements, documentation & testing managed by the SalesAgility team. Here, you can ask for advice/ your questions.

Enterprise Support Options

A total care package that provides Care hours (depending on number of users) combined with easily accessible online resources. These hours can be used freely on a multitude of SalesAgility services to empower your business.

Enterprise Verification Service

We offer an Enterprise Verification Service (EVS) to SuiteCRM users worldwide. The framework consists of a range of services that can be provided at every stage of the development process.

Get started, the right way

Download & installation manual

If you are installing SuiteCRM for the first time we’ve got you covered as we’ve put together a step-by step guide to help get you started.

User guide

You’ve successfully got your hands on your own SuiteCRM instance, so now what? Make sure you are setting off on your CRM journey on the right foot. Check out our user guide.

Get SuiteCRM in your language

SuiteCRM has been translated into many different languages by members of our fantastic community. Choose yours today.

Other ways to get SuiteCRM…

SuiteCRM Hosted

SuiteCRM Hosted offers a range of customer solutions and flexible pricing plans designed to empower organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise.

SuiteCRM Appliance

Free SuiteCRM appliance with easy graphical setup, web-based administration, and user management via LDAP directory service. SuiteCRM images available for VirtualBox, VMware and KVM with easy graphical setup, web-based administration, and user management via LDAP directory service.