Level up patient care and business processes

Build upon patient relationships whilst maintaining full control over sensitive data using SuiteCRM for the Healthcare Sector

The Perfect CRM for the Healthcare Sector

Built using open source software, your CRM data can be hosted in-house or in the cloud and can integrate with all business systems. You are always in the driving seat. SuiteCRM enables healthcare providers to work more effectively and collaboratively in order to reach the desired outcome of providing better health care options for patients.

SuiteCRM for Healthcare
SuiteCRM for Healthcare

Comprehensive patient management

Storing more than just basic patient information, SuiteCRM can open your organisation up to a wealth of opportunities. Within the system you can manage appointments, consultation notes, prescriptions and other patient related data. Create and maintain this detailed patient profile and you can use it for follow-up appointments.

SuiteCRM for Healthcare

Connect the dots

Connect external systems and remove stagnant business processes. Modernising the healthcare approach using SuiteCRM will allow you to integrate with third party systems and store all patient data on one succinct platform. Healthcare providers are empowered to work more efficiently, make better decisions and ultimately spend more time on implementing first-class patient care.

SuiteCRM for Healthcare

Safe and secure patient information

SuiteASSURED is SalesAgility’s CRM offering for compliance driven industries such as Healthcare. It delivers the freedoms, quality and innovation of open source CRM with the security, warranties and indemnities of proprietary software.

SuiteCRM for Healthcare

Enterprise Services

SalesAgility offer a number of enterprise services with you in mind. Aimed at helping you to drive the most value from your CRM. The services we offer are as follows:

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As we have rolled out SuiteCRM with SalesAgility’s guidance and support we have seen a significant level of engagement from our staff. Key people within our organization are using SuiteCRM to drive new marketing and sales initiatives plus enhancing support processes that are generating an order of magnitude in savings in operational costs.

We are also looking forward to rolling out interfaces to SuiteCRM to our partners for them to enjoy some of the same benefits.

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SuiteAssured for Healthcare
SuiteAssured for Healthcare

SuiteASSURED delivers the freedoms, quality and innovation of Open Source CRM with the security, warranties and indemnities of proprietary software.

It is the world’s first assurance program for Open Source CRM systems and provides you with a total care package for your CRM needs.