Ashley Nicolson finalist in Red Hat Women in Open Source Awards 2020Wow. Here at SalesAgility, the home of the world’s leading open source CRM, we’re so proud. We work hard. Millions of people use our product every day. We love our vibrant community. We like coming to work every day. We like releasing new versions. We operate professionally and quietly, with pride and humility. We’re a small team. We think we do great things.

But when your Head of Community makes the final of the Women in Open Source Award, then actually, we do do great things.

Right now, I’m on the rooftop and I have a megaphone and I’m shouting loudly into it:

“Ashley Nicolson has made the final of the Women in Open Source Awards”.

In Scotland, we have a pithy phrase that we use to describe emotional elation – “Ya Beauty”. It needs to be said loud. It needs to be said with emphasis. And it needs to be said with joy.

“Ya Beauty”.

Well done Ash. You’ve made the team at SalesAgility proud, you’ve done SuiteCRM proud, you’ve done our community proud. You’ve extended your reach to setting up open source groups and women in code groups in Scotland and they’re all proud of you too.

You deserve this.

The Women in Open Source Award is organised by Red Hat. The winners will be announced during the Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience on April 28-29.