We are now more than half way through this year’s HacktoberFest event and so far it’s been a successful hit!

HacktoberFest 19With only two of our ‘Trick or Suite Thursdays’ left, we thought it would be a perfect time to update you all on how well the SuiteCRM community have been doing – by helping the project with their quality code contributions.

Drum roll please…

So far, our SuiteCRM and Community team have received over 70+ Pull Requests (PRs) from our wonderful community, of which 63 of these have already been merged with the help of the SuiteCRM team during our ‘Trick or Suite Thursdays’. ‘Trick or Suite Thursdays’ is our unique October event that takes place every Thursday, where our team is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM BST/GMT on all SuiteCRM platforms to help review, assess and merge in suitable and valid PRs.

SuiteCRM community love

We have also experienced an increase in the amount of new contributors to our repositories, with 20 in the SuiteCRM repository and a total of 30 across all SalesAgility repositories – welcome to our Community!

We are excited to see what other amazing things we can achieve together before the month runs out, so keep up that momentum and help us to make this the most successful HacktoberFest event yet! Don’t forget that you can also be in with a chance of receiving an official limited edition HacktoberFest t-shirt once you contribute four pull requests, so don’t forget to register!