It’s busy, busy, busy here at SuiteCRM. We’re bursting at the seams with exciting activities for the SuiteCRM community that we thought, what better way to share our news than to introduce this brand new series, the “Community Diary”!

Our Community Diary series will keep you updated on all things within the expansive SuiteCRM Community – including community events, highlighted members and change of processes. These articles will be published frequently and will bring you the latest news within the community. You will hear directly from members that contribute, receive invitations to collaborate on SuiteCRM and community events.

So without further ado, let’s see what the team has been feverishly working on behind the scenes…

HacktoberFest – SuiteCRM Style!

Take part in the Open Source movement!

We are taking part in this year’s HacktoberFest and we want you to join us! HacktoberFest is a month long promotion to encourage open source participation and contribution across the globe. Any GitHub user that creates 4 pull requests (PRs) within the month of October will be eligible to register for a free limited edition HacktoberFest t-shirt! So, here in the community team (and with the help of the product team), we are organising that for each Thursday in the month of October we will aim to merge in as many PRs as possible.

Then we thought, “Hey, lets make it Halloween themed” and call it…

🎃👻🍬 Trick or Suite Thursdays! 🍬👻🎃 (You love it, we know)

“Trick or Suite Thursdays” will kick off on 3rd October and continue for each Thursday following until the 31st October where our team will be available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM BST/GMT on all SuiteCRM platforms to help review, assess and merge in suitable and valid PRs. Similar to our Christmas Pull Request Party we anticipate that this will encourage a lot of activity and discussions on how to improve the project.

On top of the tantalising aspect of receiving a HacktoberFest t-shirt we, at SuiteCRM HQ, will be giving each author of a successfully merged PR (within the month of October) a SuiteCRM contributor mug! Who doesn’t want some SuiteCRM swag? If you already have a mug from the last PR party, don’t worry, you can share it with your friends and family – an ideal Christmas gift!

Code of Conduct Update

We felt the earlier revision of our Code of Conduct didn’t quite fully articulate our values and how we wish the community to interact in a positive and pragmatic way. We have also updated our expectations of third party service providers on how to conduct themselves professionally and fairly whilst using the SuiteCRM platforms and assisting community members.

We now feel that the SuiteCRM Code of Conduct presents clearer descriptions on the expected attitudes and encouraged actions of all community members, partners,and maintainers with the goal to help shape, facilitate and grow a healthy and inviting community.

If you have any suggestions then visit the page and click “Edit this page”

New Forums! (teaser)

That’s right, you heard us! Yay! 🎉👏

We are super excited about this and it’s been a long journey but thanks to the efforts of Pedro (pgr) we are on the cusp of launching our new forums. The forums utilise the well known Open Source forum platform called Discourse that is bursting with fun and collaborative features including dynamic mentions, badges, and more. It is also mobile responsive and provides a cleaner, easy to use interface. We can’t wait!

With great forum platforms, comes great responsibilities …. and so in the near future we will be reaching out to our members of the community on the aspect of recruiting moderators to help assist and cultivate the community.

Stay tune for more details of the new forums’ launch party!

With only two weeks to go until October we will be busy setting everything up for “Trick or Suite Thursdays” and crossing all our T’s and dotting our I’s with the new forums…

See you then!

If you would like to reach out to us at the community team then please email us at or find us on the forums, GitHub, or SuiteCRM gitter channel.