Watt+Volt successfully implements SuiteCRM as part of a major IT transformation to allow them to enhance their customer relationships.

WATT+VOLT are a rapidly growing and profitable Greek company providing integrated electricity and gas services to a wide range of customers in Greece and across the world. They are continuously innovating and developing to adapt to the new needs arising internationally in the Energy sector.

The Challenge and Solution

WATT+VOLT required a CRM system which allowed for a 360-degree view of their customers interactions across multiple channels & systems thus providing single point of reference for users whilst also improving communication and visibility between departments. Our solution focused on five key areas;

  • Creating a single repository for all customer and communication information.
  • Streamlining customer case management to avoid silos or bottlenecks.
  • Integrating with other enterprise systems to enhance data integration.
  • Creating custom checks to enhance data accuracy for implemented workflows.
  • Creating a scalable solution that could be easily maintained and modified by WATT+VOLT to future-proof the CRM.

“For WATT+VOLT, the success of introducing SuiteCRM as our enterprise CRM can be attributed to various factors, including product flexibility, fit to our needs and agile project execution but, foremost, on SalesAgility’s strong commitment to share and transfer their deep product knowledge with us” – KOSTAS PETROU, CIO

As a result, WATT+VOLT now have a CRM system which is tailored to their unique requirements and delivers strategic benefits.

“With the freedoms of Open Source we enable our clients to take ownership of their own CRM system. This is demonstrated by our partnership with Watt+Volt where we are able to provide strategic consultancy and development, initially leading on the CRM project, whilst also providing the required training and mentoring so they can successfully continue to drive their SuiteCRM and strategy forward”– Dale Murray, CEO at SalesAgility

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