Here at SalesAgility we are thrilled to share with you the first SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview! As we draw closer to releasing SuiteCRM 8, we would like to invite our community to help us with their feedback.

What’s in this SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview?

With our first Alpha preview, we want to showcase the SuiteCRM 8 Framework and Legacy Handler. This demonstrates our commitment to backwards compatibility. In this preview, you will see the base Angular User Interface use our new GraphQL API to retrieve data, actions and layouts from the SuiteCRM 7 layer. The seamless integration between SuiteCRM 8 and SuiteCRM 7 will provide a completely integrated experience combining new and legacy functions.

We have used the latest SuiteCRM 7 release and there will be no major changes to the user experience within the body of SuiteCRM. This, however, will be demonstrated in future Alpha Previews.

What’s the SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview Timeline?

Our Alpha Preview series will provide live demonstrations of different aspects of SuiteCRM 8 features. The three major milestones in the Preview Series are:

  • 1st Alpha Preview – The Base Framework and Legacy Handler (June)
  • 2nd Alpha Preview –The New List View (July)
  • 3rd Alpha Preview – The New Record View (August)

For more information on what will be showcased in each preview, visit our Roadmap.

After the preview series, we will release Beta versions of SuiteCRM 8. This will allow users to download and install SuiteCRM 8 in their own environment.

What should I expect?

As these are Alpha Previews, they will not be feature complete and will not be fully ‘polished’. They will, however, give you an idea of what to expect and a platform to provide feedback so that the solution can be refined before providing a production release later this year.

Our vision is to continue to update these preview sites as new features become ready. This will enable us to collaborate more closely with our customers, community and partners as well as provide more communication on the roadmap going forward.

We are committed to Open Source and have held steadfast to our values of being a fully Open Source project: not freemium, not open core.

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