SalesAgility is hard at work developing the next generation of Open Source CRM; SuiteCRM 8. Our team have been busy experimenting, building and overloading on coffee to ensure we develop a robust and scalable CRM application that users will love. We are preparing to publish our first preview of SuiteCRM 8 this month giving everyone a taste of what’s to come.

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We are committed to Open Source. Therefore, we have held steadfast to our values of being a fully Open Source project: not freemium, or open core. As such, SuiteCRM 8 is utilising the following design principles:

Always Open Source

We will never compromise on our belief that Open Source is the only way to give our users full control of their data and business solution. As a result, 100% of our code is freely available with no license fees or vendor lock-in.

Users have the Power

We want anyone to be able to pick up SuiteCRM and tailor it to their business needs. Therefore, we will provide an intuitive, self-serving and easy to customise product which will require minimum technical knowledge.

Extendibility is our Foundation

Every aspect of the product’s architecture can be extended. We will provide a scalable and robust framework that you can depend on to build inspiring and custom-fit CRM solutions.

Build a Passionate Ecosystem

We understand the importance of a strong and healthy ecosystem that supports the adoption and promotion of SuiteCRM. The product will be easy to integrate with to promote innovation within the community.

As we approach the final stretch of SuiteCRM 8 development we want to invite our community members to join us in shaping the future of the project. If you have a burning question about SuiteCRM 8 then take a look at our Q & A forum thread.