Univention has released a new list of the top 10 most used 3rd party apps in the Univention App Center, and we’re excited that SuiteCRM is a newcomer on it, entering at the 9th place.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is a widely deployed open source solution that enables customers to deploy secure and unified web applications either locally (on-premise) or in their favoured hosting environments such as Amazon Web Services plus numerous other large hosting providers.

Nico Gulden mentions in the news item about the top 10 on Univention: “Newcomer in the top 10 is the CRM solution SuiteCRM, the open source version of SugarCRM. The rise is mainly driven by the virtual appliance for SuiteCRM, which can be downloaded directly from the business solution’s website since the beginning of December. An Appliance is a pre-installed virtual machine that pre-installs UCS and the App. It bundles the commissioning of UCS and an App.

With the recent release of SuiteCRM 7.10, the newly released document site, and other great announcements, such as joining the Open Source Initiative as Corporate Sponsor, we expect to move to top positions of this list, positioned alongside popular open source projects like Nextcloud or Let’s Encrypt.

Download SuiteCRM for Univention

Simply head to the SuiteCRM download page and select the Univention App download on the right.

About Univention:

Univention GmbH (www.univention.com) is a leading European manufacturer of open source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructure, headquartered in Bremen.
Univention Corporate Server (UCS) can be used as a classic server solution in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios. UCS is an economical alternative to Microsoft server solutions and includes comprehensive Active Directory capabilities and an App Center that integrates and operates more than 90 enterprise solutions into existing IT environments.

UCS@school is an education and authorization management optimized for education to centrally manage users, services, applications and digital media. Important basic services such as the provision of WLAN, authentication, printing or file storage are integrated. Other solutions such as e-learning, file sharing or e-mail can be easily integrated via the App Center and linked to the management so that students and teachers can sign up to them via single sign-on.
Univention Corporate Client (UCC) is a desktop solution for the operation and administration of PCs, notebooks and thin clients in companies, schools and government agencies. The software includes a desktop environment optimized for professional use based on Linux.

Univention has a worldwide network of partners and branches in Germany and North America.

About SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is a fully featured CRM, that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, allowing organisations and enterprises to be in full control over their own customer data. With a community over 86,000 people, a download count of over 800,000 and an estimated user count of over 4 million users, SuiteCRM is world’s most popular open source CRM. For more information, visit https://suitecrm.com or follow @SuiteCRM on Twitter.

About SalesAgility

SalesAgility is the driving force behind SuiteCRM, the world’s most popular open source CRM. Powered by a highly skilled team, SalesAgility provides SuiteCRM services that include support, consultancy, custom development, migrations, and training, as well as SuiteASSURED: a fully supported, discrete build of SuiteCRM, created to provide total care for enterprise-class customers and other large organisations.