Latest Updates

Maintenance Release

Testing for our next maintenance release is almost complete and we will be publishing this in the next few days. Included in this release will be over 25 Prs, fixing many of the issues raised by you our Community.


We have been working hard to complete the development of the next feature release, where a number of new features and improvements are included.

As mentioned previously, we have focused on the Usability of the product, including a Global Recently Viewed icon and a Back button to aid in the user’s journey, but we are also making a number of improvements when using a mobile device, making the user experience better.

We are still aiming to have this latest release available in March once full testing has been completed.

What’s New?

Issue Voting

To help us to determine which issues are important, we would like to ask you, our Community, to vote on these through GitHub. We will then assess the highest voted for issues for consideration into future releases.

To vote for an issue, simply go to the original description, click on the ‘smiley’ face in the bottom left hand corner and then choose the ‘thumbs up’ icon. Any ‘thumbs up’ recorded on any other comments/notes will be disregarded and not counted.


We have recently updated our Roadmap, giving a revised timeline for future releases. As you will see, we will continue to support the 7.x series until mid 2025, which will give everyone time to plan for the transition to SuiteCRM 8.

We are also in the process of finalising our key aims for the next feature release, 8.7 and once completed, we will amend the roadmap and let you know.