SuiteCRM in Numbers

To round up the year, we wanted to share with you a summary of what has been achieved throughout the past year.

New Feature and Maintenance Releases

We delivered three SuiteCRM 8 feature releases and also the final major release in the SuiteCRM 7 series.

There were a total of 17 releases of SuiteCRM, where a significant number of bugs and security issues were resolved.

GitHub Issues and Pull Requests (Prs)

360 created

236 closed

There were a total of 365 issues created throughout 2023, which is a 6.7% increase on the previous year. In addition, we managed to close 236 issues, 59.5% more than in 2022.

276 created

168 merged

74 closed

When looking at the Pull Requests, there were a total of 281 created this year, which is 1.4% fewer than last year. 171 Pull Requests were merged with 75 closed, which is an increase on last year of 25.7% and 7.1% respectively.

Thank You!

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our community members for their continued support and contributions to the SuiteCRM project. A special thanks goes out to the following community members, who have contributed over 2231 replies on the Community Forum in the last year:

pgr (1.4k)

pstevens (372)

abuzarfaris (176)

rsp (151)

maverickws (132)

Looking Forward

SuiteCRM 8.6 and beyond

Work is now ongoing for the next feature release 8.6, scheduled for release in March 2024. Included in this release will be a new option to globally view recently viewed records. We will also be aiming to make it easier to install SuiteCRM 8, as well as improvements to navigation and application loading.

Equally, in the coming year we will again be aiming to have more regular feature releases for SuiteCRM 8, by delivering 3-4 smaller releases. Doing so, will help us to complete the Levelling Up phase of the SuiteCRM Journey and allow up progress onto the next phase.

Community Voting System

To help us plan for future releases and get more community input and guidance, we have plans to introduce the option to vote on issues and PRs via GitHub. The aim to help us better determine what features and issues are important to you and that are missing from SuiteCRM. So watch this space and we hope lot’s of you will be able to get involved.

What’s Next?

We are well underway in pulling together issues and pull requests ready for the next maintenance release, scheduled for mid January. There will be a number of important fixes and pull requests included in this release, so please keep a look out for the release notes.  Please check out the Roadmap to see the planned schedule of releases for the coming year.