Welcome to the SuiteCRM Monthly Roundup, where you will learn about all that has been happening in the world of SuiteCRM over the past month, and what is on the horizon for our world-class open source CRM. Check it out below.

Latest Updates

Monthly Roundup May 2024 - Maintenance Release

SuiteCRM 8.6.1 & 7.14.4 Security Releases

This month saw the release of SuiteCRM 8.6.1 & 7.14.4.  These are general maintenance releases that resolves a number of reported issues but also addresses some critical & important security related issues. As such we are recommending all users to update their instance as soon as possible.  You can find out more about these releases here

Monthly Roundup May 2024 - Maintenance Release

SuiteCRM 8 Upgrade Guide Improvements

The guide for upgrading SuiteCRM 8, has had major update to help make the upgrade processes easier to understand.  There are now separate sections to help when upgrading from older releases where the process may have been slightly different, but we have also greatly simplified the process to make easier to follow and therefore hopefully you’ll have easier upgrade experience.  You can see updated guide here.

Monthly Roundup May 2024 - GitHub

SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4.2.1

The latest maintenance update for the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin is here and it addresses a number of key issues.  The plugin supports Outlook 2016 through to Outlook 365 and you can try it with a 30 free try from the SuiteCRM Store, otherwise you can find out all the details about this months release here

Monthly Roundup May 2024 - Developer Insights

SuiteCRM Developer Insights – Field Definition Mappers

This month’s Developer Insight focused on Field Definition Mappers.  Field Definition Mappers are a great way to do some complex things with fields and more. To learn more about them, along with a tutorial video and code example to help you get started, click here.

What’s New?

Next Release

SuiteCRM 8.7

SuiteCRM 8.7 has entered the final phase of development and we are preparing the for first beta release, where we will be looking for some community members to help us test some of the key updates.  This release will include some major updates under the hood with the upgrade to Symfony 6.4 LTS.  This update has allowed us to make some enhancements and optimisations to session management, as well as improving the SAML/LDAP setup  amongst other things.  Look out for the beta release coming soon.


SuiteCRM 8.8

With SuiteCRM 8.7 nearing completion, focus is turning towards 8.8, with development already underway.  This release is set to include some key features including Two Factor Authentication(2FA) along with other important updates and performance improvements under the hood.  Check out the SuiteCRM Journey and the SuiteCRM Roadmap to learn more about the project plans.


Did you know…?

The SuiteCRM Documentation is community collaboration project. There are many people already contributing to help maintain and improve the documentation and we would be happy for many more people to get involved.  You can do so by visiting the project on GitHub.