SuiteCRM 8 is here

After many months in the making, we are very excited to share with you our most advanced and sophisticated upgrade to date, one that promises to give you even better control of your data and business solutions.

As companies continue to build back post-pandemic, SuiteCRM 8 will make it easier for sales, marketing, and consumer teams to gain access to key customer insights quickly, equipping them with the knowledge to improve decision making and build meaningful, enduring customer relationships.

While businesses are increasingly tuned in to the importance and value of big data, effective analysis and interpretation remains an issue. Recent reports suggest that 95% of companies identify unstructured data as a problem for their business[1], with 73% of business data collected going unused for analytics purposes[2].

With the capacity to be fully integrated into all other company systems, SuiteCRM 8 presents data in a ‘consumable’ format, shared in bitesize graphs and figures so that any employee – no matter how tech savvy – can interpret the information and align their activities accordingly.

Of the launch, our CEO, Stuart Dalton, said: “The global pandemic magnified the need for enhanced CRM capabilities, as online marketplaces became saturated with new companies and consumer demands shifted at break-neck speeds.

“Businesses needed to be able to understand how consumer behaviour was changing, further personalise their offerings, and maintain a constant link of communication to assure customers that they were supporting them through an unbelievably uncertain time. To do this, they needed a robust CRM.

“We were extremely lucky to fall into the category of companies that were in greater demand as a result of the pandemic. We are excited to share our most advanced upgrade to date with our dedicated online community and the 4.5 million users across the world that are currently benefiting from SuiteCRM 7 everyday. It’s been a successful year for us so far, and we are excited to see where this new launch takes us.”