In case you missed it, the much-anticipated SuiteCRM 8 release is now live! It’s our biggest and best release to date and we can’t wait for you to try it. Need more convincing? Look no further.

A helping hand

SuiteCRM 8 will make your life easier by providing a tool that allows you to visualise your customer data in a ‘consumable format’ through graphs, facilitating analysis, interpretation, and efficiency. We know that understanding your clients’ insights is crucial for any business to grow, build resilience and innovate, and using SuiteCRM 8 achieves this by clearly presenting your customer data. 

A design for everyone…

Don’t worry, you do not need a computer science degree to use SuiteCRM 8. We have worked hard to create a software that is accessible to all, with the new update boasting exciting features such as the ability to use SuiteCRM 8 on any device, from anywhere. With an ever-growing need for businesses to quickly respond and adapt to customer preferences, we wanted to ensure that SuiteCRM 8 will help you make quick and effective decisions by revolutionising your workplace.

Some of the features you can look forward to in our completely redesigned and improved interface are:

  • A more fluid design for sales and support modules
  • A better visual understanding of your customers’ insights through charts and widgets
  • More varied interpretations of data with subpanel insights.

This is possible in our new update because SuiteCRM’s new UI is now built on the Angular framework which utilises the new GraphQL API to provide the data. In this sense, SuiteCRM 8 is designed to equip you with better and more varied tools to interpret your customer data, facilitating innovation and business development.

.. but tailored to your needs

As you may know, we are committed to being 100% open source, meaning that you will have full control over your own data, every line of code will be yours and you will have flexibility when using SuiteCRM 8, allowing you to adapt features to your taste. We want to ensure that you can customise SuiteCRM 8 to your business needs as we know user participation is hugely valuable.

SuiteCRM 8 is also designed to become part of your companies’ toolset. We want to make sure that using SuiteCRM 8 will help you be more efficient rather than add more work. So, we are currently developing additional tools such as push notifications and email support. SuiteCRM 8 is created to be seamlessly integrated to office tools and add value and efficiency to your work. SuiteCRM 8 also has high backwards compatibility, which means that our users are ensured to have a smooth transition from SuiteCRM 7 to SuiteCRM 8 when the time comes.

Striving towards perfection

SuiteCRM 8 aims to be more efficient than any of our previous upgrades. Unlike SuiteCRM 7, the Core is based on Symfony, a high-performance PHP framework. This not only makes maintenance a lot simpler, but means all information can be accessed quickly, allowing you to respond to business challenges and changes with ease.

We want to use the most up-to-date technology to offer the best experience for our users as we continue to update and innovate. We know that our design can always be improved. Therefore, the initial releases of SuiteCRM 8 will have a short release period with regular updates, allowing you to benefit from a product that constantly improves and adapts to your needs and preferences.

Downloading SuiteCRM 8

To ensure that SuiteCRM 8 is a product that answers to your needs and expectations, we offer the possibility for our users to try it out through our online public demo. Alternatively, we can arrange a private demo of SuiteCRM 8 for you with one of our in-house experts.

We hope you enjoy using SuiteCRM 8 and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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