SuiteCRM 8 Beta 2

We are approaching the final stretch of our SuiteCRM 8 development and want to invite our community members to join us in shaping the SuiteCRM 8 project before our final production release.

Download and Install

You can download and install your own version of SuiteCRM 8 beta 2 today. Click the button below to download the package.

You can find our handy installation instructions here and also view the SuiteCRM 8 release notes here.

SuiteCRM 8 now also has its own GitHub repo!

Download Beta 2

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What will you see in this preview?

Beta Preview II

SuiteCRM 8 Beta I is the first SuiteCRM 8 installable release and will give users full access to the new codebase for the first time!

Within this release there will be plenty for you to discover:

  • New Extension Framework

  • Legacy Suite 8 Theme

  • CLI Installation

  • Create View

  • Relate Fields

  • Grouped Fields

  • And much, much more

If you have any feedback on SuiteCRM 8, please use our SuiteCRM 8 feedback page.

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