SalesAgility have just released the third beta of SuiteCRM 8!!

One step closer to the highly anticipated SuiteCRM 8 production release, SalesAgility have just launched the third and final beta release of SuiteCRM 8. Beta 3 is full of lots of new features and functionality that we would for love you to help us test and provide feedback on.

As we work and build the next generation of Open Source CRM technology, we are putting YOU, our users at the centre of it all. Continuing our journey in providing you with full control over your data and business solutions forever. That is why getting involved and analysing every bit of feedback is more valuable to us than you will ever know.  So, what are you waiting for? Check out our SuiteCRM 8 beta 3 now!!

Building on the strong foundations that the previous alpha series and beta 1 and 2 has provided, SuiteCRM 8 beta 3 will not disappoint. You can expect to find, as usual a plethora of updates and functionality but the main notable updates are as follows:

  • Email Line Items Added

  • Fully implemented History Timeline

  • Legacy View Actions

  • Range-based Search Options

  • Administration sections updated to Suite8 Theme

  • Angular 12

  • And much, much more

Communication is key to improving SuiteCRM! So take part in the Beta 3 feedback survey or collaborate with us on our GitHub repo to make sure your voice is heard.

If you would like an opportunity to discuss your feedback further with our SuiteCRM community manager in a one-to-one session, click here to arrange.

For more information on SuiteCRM 8, visit our Roadmap. You can also sign up to our SuiteCRM 8 mailing list which will keep you informed with all the latest news.