Alpha Preview III (Phase 1)- SuiteCRM 8 Record View

Our third Alpha release is going to be released in two phases. Included in the 1st phase of our 3rd Alpha Preview we will release the new Record View Component. The new Record View builds on the new UI to bring a more fluid experience to interact and modify your data within the CRM.

Building on the work of our previous Alpha Previews, included in this release are many improvements to the new List View (some under the hood!). The New Record view is available in most key modules, with some modules utilising legacy mode either fully or select views. There is still work to be done to bring all key field types to the record view and more wonderful widgets to be included in phase 2 of this release.

  • New Record View UI

  • Record View Data retrievable via API

  • New Record Editing

  • Sub panel Data retrievable via API

Additional Record View elements will be added to our SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview III, Phase 2 release. For more information on what will be showcased in each preview, visit our Roadmap.