SalesAgility G-Cloud 12are delighted to announce the continued availability of SuiteCRM services on the Government’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 12 Framework. The outcome, a faster and more efficient roll-out of the SuiteCRM platform to the public sector.

G-Cloud 12 is the latest iteration of the UK Governments series of framework agreements set up between the government and accredited suppliers. As a result, public sector organisations can purchase services without the need to run full tenders or lengthy procurement processes. There are currently around 36,500 cloud services listed on the G-Cloud framework.

SuiteCRM is the most downloaded CRM globally. SalesAgility are the authors and maintainers of SuiteCRM and is the driving force behind the project. This year SuiteCRM hit a significant milestone – 1 million downloads of the software, worldwide. SuiteCRM is excellent for the public sector. It is fully featured, highly customizable and can be integrated into existing applications by leveraging the powerful API.

Here’s a breakdown of the service offering SalesAgility has on G-Cloud 12:

  • SuiteCRM
    SuiteCRM is an open-source enterprise-class Customer Relationship Management solution and is perfect for the public sector. Our Cloud Software provides a robust, secure, and flexible CRM. Each module can be tailored to assist with the various disciplines across organisations.
  • SuiteASSURED
    SuiteASSURED is a fully supported, discrete build of SuiteCRM. Providing warranties, support and total ease of mind to organisations engaging with open-source software. SuiteASSURED is a separately maintained, tested and product-managed version of SuiteCRM. It is accompanied by a legal agreement that delivers indemnities, warranties, support and performance guarantees.

Cloud support services:

  • SuiteCRM Analysis & Development
    SalesAgility provide a requirements workshop for clients. Here, stakeholders are able to determine the main objectives they wish to achieve when implementing their new CRM. A Business Analyst from SalesAgility would either hold this workshop remotely or on-site for the client.
  • SuiteCRM Support
    SalesAgility provides three different levels of SuiteCRM help-desk support packages and services for users. These are delivered annually.
  • SuiteCRM Data Migration
    SalesAgility provide Data Migration services to SuiteCRM. As a result, we liaise with your current provider to ensure a smooth transition of your data from your old system to your new cloud SuiteCRM instance.
  • SuiteCRM Training
    Expert SuiteCRM training delivered by the authors of SuiteCRM. Each training session is designed specifically for you, with your needs in mind. It is delivered either remotely or on-site by one of our talented and knowledgable Business Analysts.

Would you like to learn more about SuiteCRM for the public sector? Contact us today and we will be happy to get back to you to discuss your CRM needs.