All around the world there are hundreds of thousands of small and large enterprises using open source software. Collectively, they are saving billions of dollars in license fees, and that makes us happy. However, only a very small minority give back to projects either in code contributions or via community engagement.

We understand that this is not always achievable. We understand that not everyone using SuiteCRM will have the time or knowledge to participate and help in this way. We therefore wanted to break down the barriers and come up with an initiative that would be inclusive for everyone. That would allow businesses of all sizes to get involved and help support the project going forward.

So, without further ado we would like to introduce you to our all-new sponsorship program!

Community Sponsorship Program Launched

We’re ambitious. And whilst we have dedicated teams of software engineers and architects working full time on the project, we need to innovate and evolve. We need to rectify vulnerabilities, and we need to fuel and drive our ambition to make SuiteCRM the best and most accessible CRM on the planet. With your support we can achieve this faster.

So, if your organisation is using SuiteCRM this is your BIG opportunity to contribute back to the project and make a noticeable difference! Through our new Community Sponsorship Program, you can make a one off or recurring monthly or annual payment.

If we could generate $1m in Community Sponsorships, we can hire 3 new teams of software engineers. That makes a huge difference to the pace we can move and innovate around. It makes a huge difference to the speed at which we can fix bugs and enhance features. Ultimately, it makes a huge difference to the core product all of our users love and enjoy.