10,000 downloads a week is an impressive number considering how poor at marketing we are (we’re geeks, we don’t have a marketing person. We’re happier talking features than benefits).

If these were all users that would otherwise have gone to Salesforce or Microsoft or SugarCRM, it’s a chunk of the marketplace that’s got to be worrying them.

I know it’s not likely, but it’s fun to hypothesise. Imagine if every download represented 10 Salesforce users @ £75 per user per month.

By my crude maths we’d be taking out $650,000,000 dollars of potential revenue from the behemoth of proprietary vendors. Today.

Allowing for the fact that we’re growing at 100% year on year, by this time next year we could be taking north of $1.3 billion dollars out of the proprietary ecosystem. That’s not allowing for what’s coming down the roadmap – which pushes SuiteCRM into a whole new place and will escalate growth hugely.

That’s going to start to hurt. And what will hurt most is that a lot of the momentum is in the enterprise which is where the cream is for the major traditional vendors.

Time to start shorting Salesforce?