SalesAgility are now releasing a long term support cycle to provide users with a firm commitment to the future development of SuiteCRM. This commitment could not be more timely. LTS will provide confidence to those users where SuiteCRM is now a critical part of their businesses infrastructure. This is in contrast to the end of life cycle of the SugarCRM CE which is set for 15th July 2017

In the past, fast release cycles allowed us to quickly innovate and have served us well for the past couple of years. However this also hampers our ability to tackle the bigger more substantial issues that we wanted to resolve. SalesAgility believe the commitment to a LTS strategy is a monumental step forward. It will ensures that SuiteCRM will deliver much needed stability to its customers.

Key Points

• We are introducing a more lengthy release cycle of 6 months – guarantee 2 major releases a year.
• Long Term Support SuiteCRM versions every 18 months, providing a total of 27 months of support.
• LTS versions will overlap the previous LTS by at least 9 months beginning with v7.8.x as our first LTS version.
•The LTS support will include 21 months of full support, which includes major and critical bug fixes, security fixes and any issues introduced by new browsers. After 21 months this level will reduce to only security fixes.
• As 7.8.x will be our first LTS we have extended the support until May 2019

SuiteCRM has to move with the times. A LTS strategy will help in the quest to become the most used CRM application in the world. We feel that committing to a LTS strategy allows us to build on the success of SuiteCRM in the past and to deliver a long term strategy to ensure the continued growth of SuiteCRM and to its future.

In line with the overall strategic progress of SuiteCRM and in response to requests from a number of industries, we will also be soon be releasing information about a warranted version of SuiteCRM.

To access the full LTS cycle please click here