SalesAgility are delighted to announce the release of  SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4.1.0

The SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin has been built from the ground-up by our talented engineers aiming to improve performance, reliability and stability for customers. The plugin supports Outlook 2016 through to Outlook 365 (both web and desktop variants) and is the perfect solution if you use Microsoft as your email service provider.

The SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v4.1.0 is a major update bringing support for SuiteCRM 8 and a refresh to the plugin UI with more improvement in the pipeline. In addition there some minor bug fixes under the hood including improvements to the plugin authentication layer.

Reasons you’ll want to get your hands on the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin:

  • Developed by the SuiteCRM team
  • Easy to install and use
  • Reliable and robust providing a seamless integration between SuiteCRM and Outlook
  • Both manual and auto archiving functionality

For more details on the 4.1.0 release, please check out the associated Release Notes here.

To help our customers assess the implications of the newer SuiteCRM Outlook integration we have published the V4 roadmap and FAQs, which aims to provide answers regarding supported versions, technologies used and pricing (psst, it’s not changing!).

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us via the SuiteCRM store page.