Latest Updates

SuiteCRM 8.6

The release of SuiteCRM 8.6 is in the final stages, which you should expect to see in early April. This release is a little behind schedule, but it is always important to make sure we have a stable product, with so many important features in the release. So watch this space, it will be here very soon.

SuiteCRM Developer Insights – Global Record Actions

The latest video in the SuiteCRM Developer Insight series is here and this month focuses on Global Record Actions. To learn all the secrets to setting up Global Record Actions with code examples, check it out here.

What’s New?


In an effort to ‘tidy-up’ GitHub so we can more easily identify the issues that need attention, we are introducing two new processes, as described below.

Status - Stale

A new status has been added – `Stale`, this will help to indicate when updates are required but there has been no recent activity. This will equally notify the contributor to let them know their issue/pull request has been marked as `Stale` and if there continues to be no activity, the issue/pull request will be closed.

Community – Suggestion Box

Rather than using GitHub to make suggestions for new features, or ways to improve SuiteCRM, we would ask that all such requests are made via the forum using the Suggestion Box category.

This category has Voting switched on, which means the features that are voted for most, will be considered for inclusion in a future release of SuiteCRM.

Did you know...?

Did you know that SuiteCRM has been translated into over 60 different languages. It has been a true community effort, so a big thanks to everyone who has been involved. Check it out and download your language here. If your chosen language doesn’t yet exist, or you would like to help maintain the existing translations, feel free to join in here.