Welcome to the SuiteCRM Monthly Roundup, where you will find out all that has been happening in the world of SuiteCRM over the last month, and what’s to come. Check below for all the latest updates and what’s new.

Latest Updates

Latest Release

SuiteCRM 8.6

At the start of this month we released the latest feature release, SuiteCRM 8.6 which brought with it many enhancements.  This included styling improvements for ListView on desktop and mobile, as well as updates for many fields to be more user friendly.  To find out more about what was included in this release, check it out here.

Maintenance Release

Maintenance Release

We are in the process of preparing the next maintenance release, which we are planning to have available mid May.  This release will include a number of important fixes that the team have been working on as well as a number of Pull Requests from the community, so watch out for that very soon.

Developer Insights

SuiteCRM Developer Insights – Adding Quick Charts

This month saw the latest Developer Insights video, which looked at adding Quick Charts, a great way to get key information fast. To find out how to add Quick Charts and ensure they are performant, along with a code example to help you get started, check it out here.

What’s New?

Next Release


Over the next couple of months we will be preparing for our next major release, 8.7, which will focus on additional Usability Improvements, including Target Conversion and Record Pagination. We also aim to complete the upgrade to Symfony 6.4 and improve the application loading and navigation time.


Did you know…?

Did you know that there are a number of add-ons which can be used to enhance your SuiteCRM experience? These add-ons can be found on the Suite Store and include plug-ins to help with productivity, reporting, as well as integrations to your social media platforms and business applications.