Completely meaningless to the vast majority of people but to SalesAgility’s clients and to the SuiteCRM project, Will is well-known and highly respected.

Will has been with SalesAgility and the SuiteCRM project for nearly 7 years. He was employee number 8. The boy who walked in the door isn’t the same man walking out. The gawky, unsophisticated (sorry Will 🙂 ) farmboy and boy racer (we remember the Toyota Celica) with an inclination to martial arts is now a mature, knowledgeable and highly skilled IT professional with family responsibilities and a home to maintain.

His contribution to the SuiteCRM project is little known but it’s enormous. His energy, passion, commitment and talent shines through SuiteCRM. In particular in four areas:

  1. SuiteR – Those of you who have been around the project for a few years will remember SuiteR. It was the first responsive front end for SuiteCRM. It was a massive leap forward for the project and users and is still the bedrock for the front-end today. What’s remarkable about Will and SuiteR is that he wrote it all in his spare time. Months of work. Months of late nights and weekends. Months of energy, passion, talent and commitment. It has been an enduring contribution.
  2. SuiteCRM documentation – Will wrote the first documentation for SuiteCRM. From scratch. In his own time. He laid down the groundwork from which the multi-lingual, community driven documentation project now benefits the global community of SuiteCRM users.
  3. SuiteCRM Support – Will grew the Support function. He was the first support engineer. He piloted ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 through the company’s processes and was responsible for maintaining them – which he did brilliantly. He also ran support like he runs his life – with gusto. I’m completely confident that all of our mature customers know Will and know the exceptional quality of support he delivered. The framework of customer-centric, go the extra mile and delight clients still exists today thanks to his prevailing attitudes.
  4. Suite8 – Will latterly moved from running the Support Team to being a Lead Engineer for Suite8 and responsible for much of what is about to emerge. So although he won’t be with us, his contribution will endure.

On behalf of SalesAgility and the SuiteCRM project – thank you Will!! We wish you all the best in your new career.