SuiteCRM Analytics allows our customers to harness the power of their data both efficiently and effectively. The solution is free to download unlocking opportunities and delivering insights across your business.

This product allows you to launch, administer and customise innovative business intelligence (BI) reports in the same way that rival proprietary applications do. Just without the hefty price tag. Like SuiteCRM it also has all the benefits and freedoms that go hand-in-hand with using Open Source Software.

Our SuiteCRM Analytics solution is comprised of two major components; SuiteCRM Data Integration and SuiteCRM Web Analytics – both of which have been updated for this v1.3 release!

Discover what’s new in this release…

SuiteCRM Web Analytics:

  • New Opportunity Activities Dashboard

The Opportunities Activities Dashboard allows end users to understand how many activities are performed against each opportunity, per agent. This chart features drill down functionality on the dot chart and the ability to output the results to a SuiteCRM Analytics report.

  • Row Based Security Layer

The Row Based Security Layer allows administrators to configure data access to users / groups of the SuiteCRM Analytics platform. This functionality allows developers to create reports & dashboards that will serve up different results depending on the end users permissions.

  • New Agent Opportunity Activity Report

The Agent Opportunity Activity Report allows end users to run a report detailing Opportunity Activities per Opportunity and Agent. This can be run as a standalone report or via the Opportunities Activities Dashboard.

  • New Security Enabled Sales Performance Dashboard

The Security Enabled Sales Performance Dashboard is a copy of the original Sales dashboard but it utilises the new Row Based Security Layer. This means that data is automatically filtered depending on the user / group that logs into the SuiteCRM Analytics server.

  • New Agent Sales Report

The Agent Sales Report allows users to understand Agent Product Category Sales.

  • Various bug fixes

SuiteCRM Data Integration: 

  • New Activities Fact Tracking ETL

A new Fact and Dimension Table to support Activities analysis associated with cases, leads and Opportunities. Users can now report on what activities (emails, calls, meetings and tasks) have been performed by which agent at what time and against what lead, case or opportunity. Users can also understand the duration of each of these activities where applicable.

  • Updated Demo Data to include Activities

The Demo Data now includes activities so users can run the new activities reports and dashboards.