SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, has released its 7.11 beta version which is now available for download to its global community for testing and feedback. This release should not be used in a production environment. Exciting new improvements introduced in this release include Elasticsearch and Google Calendar integration.

By including Elasticsearch as a core search engine integration SuiteCRM will now provide users with a faster and scalable solution to perform full text searches via Global Search. Elasticsearch is an Open Source, broadly-distributable, readily-scalable, enterprise-grade RESTful search engine. It provides a highly flexible solution to centrally store and index your data that can be accessed extremely quickly via its API.

GoogleCalendar integration is a very common request made by the users of SuiteCRM. Thanks to the generosity of one of our talented community members we now have the ability to include bidirectional Google Calendar synchronisation within core SuiteCRM. Users can authenticate using their Google login and synchronise their Meetings with a Google calendar – these include updates, reminders, and invitees. In future this feature can be extended to introduce more Google Suite functionality within the core SuiteCRM – so watch this space!

We would like to take this opportunity to make a big shout out thank you to all of our community members that helped contribute to this beta release and for their continuous fantastic support.  Finally, a very special thank you to Benjamin (@ApatheticCosmos) who has been instrumental in making possible the new Google Calendar integration within core SuiteCRM.

Try it out today! Download Here

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