New hosting service means the end of per user pricing and paying extra for advanced feature

Stirling, United Kingdom (30th April 2019)

SalesAgility, the authors and maintainers of open source SuiteCRM, are pleased to announce the launch of Suite:OnDemand to provide the freedoms of Open Source CRM as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

Suite:OnDemand is designed to radically change the way hosted CRM is priced and delivered. Unlike Salesforce and other enterprise CRM vendors, the practice of pricing per user has been abandoned in favour of per-server hosting packages all of which will support unlimited users. In addition, there’s no increase in cost for access to advanced features. With Suite:OnDemand every feature and benefit is available with each hosting package.

“We want SuiteCRM to be available to all businesses and to all users within a business,” said Dale Murray CEO of SalesAgility. “Many organisations do not have the experience to run and support our product on-premise or it is not part of their technology strategy to do so. With Suite:OnDemand we are providing our customers with a quick and easy solution to access all the features of SuiteCRM without a per user cost. We’re also saying to Salesforce that enterprise-class CRM can be delivered, enhanced, maintained and supported without charging mouth-wateringly expensive monthly fees. Our aim is to transform the CRM market to enable users to make CRM pervasive within their organisations.”

Suite:OnDemand offers a range of customer solutions and flexible pricing plans designed to empower organisations of all sizes from start-ups to the enterprise. Compared to proprietary CRM solutions, Suite:OnDemand is significantly less costly to use, customise, adapt, or integrate resulting in a substantially reduced total cost of ownership.

SalesAgility’s support for Suite:OnDemand provides world-class hosting, data security, GDPR compliance and dedicated support from SuiteCRM experts.

“Data protection, security and privacy were key to the architecture of Suite:OnDemand,” said Matthew Lorimer, Head of Development at SalesAgility. “Our new platform provides scalable options that include 24/7 application and server monitoring, auto recovery on failure and a variety of backup options providing our customers with a fast, robust, secure and reliable way of using SuiteCRM without the need to manage their own cloud environment.”

Additionally, Suite:OnDemand offers unparalleled flexibility without vendor-lock in. As the cloud matures and organisations adopt hybrid cloud solutions, Suite:OnDemand is ready to respond. You can migrate a hosted Suite:OnDemand instance to an on-premise or private cloud SuiteCRM instance. You can also request copies of your entire database and application. You can’t do either of those with Salesforce. Flexibility and openness are two of the key differentiators between SuiteCRM and proprietary software package vendors.

You can start your free trial of Suite:OnDemand at

About SalesAgility: SalesAgility is the driving force behind SuiteCRM, the world’s most popular open source CRM. SalesAgility provides SuiteCRM services that include support, consultancy, custom development, migrations, and training, as well as SuiteASSURED: a fully supported, discrete build of SuiteCRM, created to provide total care for enterprise-class customers and other large organisations.

About SuiteCRM: SuiteCRM is the world’s most popular open source CRM with over 800.000 downloads and an estimated 4 million users world wide. Main features include sales, marketing and service modules. SalesAgility is the driving force behind SuiteCRM and the logical option for enterprises and organisations looking for professional SuiteCRM services, such as migrations, consulting or training. SalesAgility offer with SuiteASSURED a total care package for SuiteCRM. For more info, as well as a free demo, check out: