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This release is NOT recommended for Production use.

SuiteCRM 8.2 Beta

We have just dropped a sneak peak of SuiteCRM 8.2 and we need YOUR help.

If you are part of our awesome community then we need you to help us test the migration path from Suite7 to Suite8 to make sure the process is as seamless as possible for future users.

What’s new in this release?

The first SuiteCRM 8.2 beta is primarily all about the migration process. However, it also includes some minor tweaks to Views, to make them more inline with our SuiteCRM 8 styling, along side some back end updates to the login process. To find more check out the release notes

We are still working hard behind the scenes to complete the features coming in 8.2, such as LDAP and SAML functionality. Look out for them in  a future release.

Download the latest pre-release

8.2 Beta 30 June 2022 78.1M Download Release notesInstall Guide | Upgrade Guide
8.2 Beta 7.12 Migration 30 June 2022 130M Download Release notes | Migration Guide

If you have any feedback about this SuiteCRM 8 pre-release, then please submit it via the following forum thread.

SuiteCRM Pre-Release Forum Thread

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