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This release is NOT recommended for Production use.

SuiteCRM 8.2 Beta 2

The second Beta of SuiteCRM 8.2 has just dropped and we need YOUR help

If you are part of our awesome community, we would like to invite you to help us to continue to test the migration process, from Suite7 to Suite8, and now also the new authentication options.

What’s new in this release?

This is the second SuiteCRM 8.2 beta, which mainly focuses on the LDAP and SAML authentication, in preparation for the big SuiteCRM 8.2 production release, coming soon.

In addition, beta 2 also includes some new and improved functionality to the History Timeline, Duplicate Views, Bulk Select and our GraphQL API, as well as numerous styling changes to ensure SuiteCRM 8 continues to have a consistent look and feel throughout.

Beta 2 also contains some important bug fixes and documentation updates in relation to the migration process from SuiteCRM 7, originally released in the first beta.

Now we are on round 2, we are looking forward to more of your feedback.

For more information on any of the improvements above, please see the release notes.

Download the latest pre-release

8.2 Beta 2 15 September 2022 78.34M Download Release notesInstall Guide | Upgrade Guide
8.2 Beta 2 7.12 Migration 15 September 2022 130.21M Download Release notes | Migration Guide

If you have any feedback about this SuiteCRM 8 pre-release, then please submit it via the following forum thread.

SuiteCRM Pre-Release Forum Thread

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