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You can migrate to SuiteCRM from any database driven CRM including SugarCRM, SalesForce, Dynamics, Netsuite, ACT, Goldmine, SalesLogix and Zoho.

As organisations start to appreciate the formidable benefits of open source, we are being asked to migrate from a variety of legacy CRM applications. All the usual suspects including Salesforce and SugarCRM are included but recent migrations have also included home-grown CRM applications and older legacy ones such as Goldmine and ACT. Each migration has its own challenges but we haven't been met with one we haven't been able to do.

Our data migration service uses a clear process to mitigate risk and maximise the opportunity for project success.  This process has been applied by our consultants to deliver migrations of even the most complex data. Our migrations include databases grown over 20 years and containing millions of rows of data.

Every migration is different and needs to be approached uniquely. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. But every project will contain most or all of the following processes:

  •     - Audit and understand candidate applications and data
  •     - Procure sample database extracts
  •     - Identify and document all data to be migrated
  •     - Data cleansing
  •     - Use Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools where appropriate
  •     - Write custom migration Scripts where ETL not appropriate
  •     - Initial import
  •     - Test and refine  
  •     - Validation by client
  •     - Client acceptance (sign-off)
  •     - Procure production copies of databases
  •     - Final import
  •     - Test, validate and accept
  •     - Go-live
  •     - Post Go-live support

Data migrations are critical. Getting it right is critical. Getting it right first time is an art.

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