Get involved in the SuiteCRM project

Why should I get involved?

SuiteCRM is a great project with amazing people! Join the community and make a change! With the help of the community, SuiteCRM is among the world’s most used CRM applications providing an essential open source solution for businesses and organisations around the globe. When you join you’ll positively impact the lives of millions.

How can I get involved?

You can easily get involved in many ways. For example:

Get the help you need on the forum to make the most out of your SuiteCRM installation, or share your knowledge with others!

There is a lot of documentation available already, but please join us in making it even better! You can add new content, proof read or translate documentations in your own language! This documentation will be a wealth of information for everybody that uses SuiteCRM. Check out our documentation page and get started.

Already available in over 20 languages and conquering the world with new translations added each day! Help make SuiteCRM accessible for everyone in the world by translating it to other languages. Check out the SuiteCRM translations project.

Help test out the latest features and report bugs. This will make each release better! Check out the forum with the latest beta releases!

Got the skills to create new features or fix bugs? Please join us on Github and join us in making SuiteCRM even better!

Share the word!

Do you write blog posts? Do you teach IT? Or are you a SuiteCRM user that loves the software? Help us share the word and promote SuiteCRM in the media, on the web and on social media. The more people learn about SuiteCRM, the bigger the project will become!

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