I would hazard a guess that by now most people know that CRM technology is a  critical business tool. However I don’t think many people are aware of the wide range of functionality a CRM has and just how much more efficient it can make your business. I don’t know if there is another business-related technology that’s as versatile and beneficial as CRM.
Despite this, most businesses fail to use their CRM to it’s full potential. Businesses tend to only use a few functions, missing out on the huge benefits it can have throughout a company.

Here are 10 ways a CRM can make your business more efficient:

1.  Understanding your data

Any business in this day and age is bursting with data, a CRM will allow you to manage it effectively even if you have far too much fragmented data coming from various departments.  A CRM system helps you to make sense of this, it is connects you and your team to a central database making your data actionable throughout your company.

2. Make the most of your data

Another key aspect of a  CRM is that it will help you get the insights you need to make the most of your data. For example, which accounts are currently dormant? A CRM system will allow you to schedule activities to re-activate stagnant accounts. Without these insights, you and your team are missing opportunities and not utilising your data effectively.

3. Accessing your data anytime, anywhere

Your data is no longer bound to the office. With advances in cloud computing and mobile/tablet applications, you can take your work with you wherever you go. For mobile employees, a CRM will give instant access to a centralised view of sales and support activities which is customisable to each individual.

4. Productivity is key

Do you always know what your team are doing? Do you often feel valuable time is being wasted? A CRM will allow managers or team leaders to analyse how much time is being spend on particular tasks and then share this with the team giving them vital directions to best meet their business’ goals. Thus getting the most out of each and every employee.

5. A great tool for teamwork

One of the brilliant things about a CRM is that it brings your team and company together. Even if you are a multi national organisation with offices across the world, a CRM brings everything together and allows all employees to instantly share information easily.

6. C is for Customer

Yes, with Customer Relationship Management software one of the key bonuses is that it helps you keep your customers happy. Your customer information is  instantly access all in the one place, making business transactions smooth and fuss free. It also allows you to manage your accounts with a certain ease ensuring that your customers are never left waiting.

7.  A happy customer is a loyal customer 

You can’t force a customer to stay with you, however you can influence their decision by giving them the best experience possible. A CRM will manage all activities concerning customer engagement, giving employees all the the information required to forge the best possible relationship with the customer.

8. Decision making made easy

CRM highlights crucial information. Business owners and managers can benefit from detailed reports that can forecast sales and returns, measure service activities and track business performance in detail. CRM analysis tools can also follow both short- and long-term trends and problems as well as alerting users to potential business opportunities. All of these tools mean that the CRM does most of the thinking and you just have to act on the obvious.

9.  Creating exciting new sales avenues

A CRM can also allow businesses to accept orders from the internet and from mobile devices. It also enables businesses to build marketing presences on and accept orders from social-networking sites. Basically it allows you to take advantage of all our modern day trends and platforms and use them to your benefit.

10. Looking after your revenue

Many companies make the mistake of trying to manage revenue through CRM. You should instead use CRM to manage all the activities that focus and influence your sales and revenue to ensure you achieve your targets.