SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview

We are approaching the final stretch of our SuiteCRM 8 development and want to invite our community members to join us in shaping the SuiteCRM 8 project before our 2020 production release. Complete the form below for access to our first SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview. #SuiteCRM8isComing

What will you see in this preview?

Alpha Preview I – SuiteCRM 8 Base & Legacy Handler

With our first Alpha preview, we want to showcase the SuiteCRM 8 Framework and Legacy Handler. In this release preview, we are demonstrating our commitment to backwards compatibility. This will be a preview accessed via the SuiteCRM 8 website. We have used the latest SuiteCRM 7 release and there will be no major changes to the UX. In this release we will be showcasing:

  • Angular UI Template

  • Decoupling of SuiteCRM 8 Front End and Back End

  • GraphQL API

  • Multiple Language Support

  • Seamless integration with SuiteCRM 7

  • Rendering views from SuiteCRM 7 in SuiteCRM 8

  • Re-routing all actions in SuiteCRM 7 in SuiteCRM 8

  • Configuration changes in SuiteCRM 7 layer reflecting in SuiteCRM 8

Alpha Preview II – SuiteCRM 8 List View

In our 2nd Alpha Preview we will release and demonstrate the new List View component and user experience. More specifically in this release we will demonstrate:

  • New List View UI

  • New “Basic” Filter Design

  • List View Data retrievable via API

  • List View Charts

  • New Chart Engine

  • New Fields rendering in Angular

  • List View Pagination

If you have any feedback on SuiteCRM 8, please use our SuiteCRM 8 feedback page.

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