Release notes 7.7.9

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SuiteCRM 7.7.9

Type : Maintenance & Security Patch

Version : 7.7.9

Released : 31-12-2016

  • #2846 User Access sub-panel - missing module name labels on table fixed
  • #2842 Access tab does not work in USERS module(detailView)
  • #2438 Disable Inline Edit for Line Items
  • #2761 Can Not Select Resources For Project Template
  • #2031 autocompletion of contact field doesn't work in migration process from lead to contact
  • #99 Issue with apostrophes in search
  • #126 AOS_PDF_Templates templateParser guesses the field type
  • #758 Accessing static property ImportFieldSanitize::$createdBeans as non static
  • #2751 Outbound Email Via Campaigns Can Fail
  • #2718 Git Repo causes issues on Windows
  • #2642 changed line 63 to make sure that it applies special formatting if the type of $field_def is dynamicenum
  • #573 Inline editing - Workflow
  • #2445 AOS_Quotes and AOS_Invoices have some empty language values
  • #2119 Renamed AOW_Workflow.svg to AOW_WorkFlow.svg
  • Missing Security Group Check in AOW
  • Clear Opcache in PHP7
  • Undefined parent_category_id on Import
  • Cases module - Missing string LBL_CONTACT_CREATED_BY
  • Line breaks between words
  • Add labels to the fields in Add dashlet - Web Tab
  • ISO4217 code for Mexican Peso from MXM to MXN.

Users of ALL previous releases are advised to Upgrade to 7.7.9 as soon as possible.

Special thanks to gunnicom and sk1p for notifying us of this security issue.

Download here from the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository or visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade. Thank you to all community members who contributed, tested and helped with this release.