Release notes 7.7.7

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SuiteCRM 7.7.7

Type : Maintenance & Security Patch

Version : 7.7.7

Released : 04-11-2016

  • Fixes Security Issues - Additional Blind SQL Injection vulnerability in InboundEmail
  • #1918 Fixed #1918 - Translation issues. Duplicated lang. strings in ver. 7.7
  • #2479 Fixed #2479 - Dashlet pagination issue (Suite7 & SuiteR)
  • #2510 Fixed #2510 - fix default reminder invitees for meetings
  • #2453 Fixed #2453 - Set top nav search bgcolor in FF
  • Fixed search for mobile/tablet
  • Fixed Db Error On Subquery Search
  • Add Option to disable Self Referencing on Many 2 Many Relationship
  • Fixed Issue with Non Standard database name
  • Fixed retrieve Dashlet
  • Fixed Time Field Edit View
  • Code Clean up
  • Remove extra select box line from Inbound Email html listview
  • Apply styled Additional Details for Calendar

Users of ALL previous releases are advised to Upgrade to 7.7.7 as soon as possible.

Special thanks for Egidio Romano for notifying us of these security issues.

Download here from the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository or visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade. Thank you to all community members who contributed, tested and helped with this release.