Release notes 7.7.6

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SuiteCRM 7.7.6

Type : Maintenance & Security Patch

Version : 7.7.6

Released : 19-10-2016

  • Fixes Security Issues - Stored PHP Object Injection Within User Preferences
  • Fixes Security Issues - Blind SQL Injection vulnerability in InboundEmail
  • #2430 Fixed #2430 - global search autofilled background colour
  • #2215 Fixed Case insensitive duplicate images
  • #2166 Fixed Links don't work in grouped Reports
  • #2370 Fixed Cannot add Dashlet to Dashboard in Suite7/R Theme
  • #2338 Fixed EditView 'Save and Continue' Button Floating on Mobile and Small Screens
  • #1876 Fixed Knowledgebase Suggestions in MSSQL
  • #2238 Fixed Revert Invalid field type change on Line Items
  • #2402 Fixed Mass Update Dropdowns
  • #2355 Fixed Suite 7 theme table width
  • #543 Fixed #543 -inline editing on text area - cannot create line breaks
  • #282 Fixed Cases DetailView 'Description' displays Raw HTML
  • Fixed Campaign Email Record Graph dropdown displays undefined label
  • Fixed pipeline dashlet popup and calendar popup
  • Fixed Missing Drill Down Calendar Functionality
  • Fixed Public folder Permissions as Octal
  • Plus several SuiteP theme Fixes

Users of ALL previous releases are advised to Upgrade to 7.7.6 as soon as possible.

Special thanks for Egidio Romano for notifying us of these security issues.

Download here from the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository or visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade. Thank you to all community members who contributed, tested and helped with this release.