Release notes 7.7.3

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SuiteCRM 7.7.3

SuiteCRM 7.7.3 features bug fixes for basic search (this was a regression issue and required immediate re-insertion), PHP 5.3 for Spots modules, Renable the ability to drag Dashlets to multi column Dashboards and have collapsible subpanels system setting.

Type : Release

Version : 7.7.3

Released : 23-08-2016

  • # Add 'collapsed subpanels' checkbox to system settings
  • # Fixed Fatal PHP 5.3 code syntax for Spots module
  • #2000 Fixed #2000 - admin panel for mobile, tablet, laptop, and destkop
  • # Remove some comments and debug for dashboards
  • #2030 Fix basic search form - able to search via basic search

Download here from the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository or visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade.

Thank you to all community members who contributed i.e. alerting us of the critical fault, tested and helped with this release.