Release notes 7.5.3

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Type : Maintenance & Security Patch

Version : 7.5.3

Released : 15-03-2016

Security Patches

SugarCRM version updated to 6.5.23

This update addresses some Security issues, further details can be found here

Issues Addressed

  • #1080 Activity Stream Setup Undefined index: Facebook/Twitter
  • #1076 Clicking through to Opportunities from Outcome By Month Dashlet doesn't filter correctly
  • #1074 Error Clicking Cancel on Show Duplicates page in Leads
  • #1073 Issue with clicking through to data on Opportunities By Lead Source By Outcome Dashlet
  • #1068 JavaScript setModuleFieldsPendingFinishedCallback is not defined in Reports
  • #1050 Difficulty searching on Text Area Fields when using carriage return
  • #1066 Reports "Last Month" date period is the same as "This Month" date period
  • #1057 Selecting Create Account and cancelling from Home screen goes to error page
  • #1010 Calender on Mobile view shows no items
  • #1053 Action menu background cleared after save
  • #724 Responsive theme glitch at width 981px - 991px
  • #1040 Documentation link 404 error on user wizard
  • #766 Timezone issue for Meeting reminders
  • #929 Studio Dynamic DropDown not working