Release notes 7.3.0

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SuiteCRM 7.3 is the new production release of SuiteCRM. Packed with new features, functionality and bug-fixes.

Thank you to ResponseTap for their contribution to the SuiteCRM 7.3 release. ResponseTap specialise in Call-based Marketing Automation. Visit the ResponseTap website.

New Additions

  • Inline Editing
    • Edit fields directly on the List and Detail View by double clicking the field.
    • To turn inline editing off for a particular field view the field in studio and uncheck "Inline Editing"
  • Desktop Notifications
    • Get Meeting/Calls Notifications direct to your desktop (enable per compatible browser in user preferences)
    • View missed Notifications in the top bar


  • Improved Mobile Navigation
    • New improved mobile menu layout, designed to give you full control, using less screen space.
  • Update cases from detail view.
  • Numerous workflow enhancements e.g is null, contains etc.
  • Numerous reports enhancements e.g date periods, dashlet improvements.

There have also been various bug-fixes in the 7.3 release.

Thank you to the Community for your feedback, testing and bug reporting.